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26 01 2011
Give Owl Jones a Try » The Functioning Fishaholics

[…] You can check out pictures of his work and contact him via his website: […]

26 01 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks guys! I really appreciate th’ link love! 🙂

26 01 2011
Quill Gordon

I will send you an email. I want a dozen midges.

4 02 2011
Owl Jones

I think I’ve got a dozen midges lyin’ around. 😉

7 02 2011
The River Damsel

Can you put up some sample pics?

7 02 2011
Owl Jones

Can you not see the slideshow above or do you mean pics of the lil’ midges? I have some pics I need to upload of the midges and a few other flies…but if the slideshow isn’t working for ya, I’ll have to put in regular pics! 🙂 Let me know please!

20 02 2011
The River Damsel

I’m good…thanks.

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