The 3 A.M. Brainstorm…

16 02 2011


It’s 3 am again and I’m awake. I’ve just banged out a few EHC for an order and I’m sitting here trying to unwind. But I can’t get a few things out of my mind tonight. Maybe if I just come out with it here, I’ll be able to sleep a little before the sun comes up. We’ll see…


I’ve been thinking about people  and businesses tonight. About how different we all are in alot of ways and how my view of things isn’t necessarily anyone else’s view. About how I’d do things, if I could…and about the way things are done by others. I’m trying more and more these days not to be that “glass half empty” kinda guy that I’ve been for the last 20 years, but every time my faith in mankind is somehow renewed, something happens that makes me shake my head with confusion or disbelief.

Recently, it’s things like this:

I talked with 5 fly shops about doing give-away’s for you guys. Only one had the decency to email back and politely decline ( Unicoi Outfitters ~ Helen, GA). Another acknowledged that they’d not replied, but that was all – and then they “never replied some more.” The other three didn’t reply at all. All five of these shops I have visited and bought things from. Apparently, none of them could understand the concept. (Which makes the Hook and Hackle guys who brought you the rod give-away look even more like the geniuses they are…)

Another company keeps making promises, and then keeps delaying and making more promises.

Wendy’s can’t get my order right. Not one Wendy’s. Anywhere. In a month.

There’s apparently a fly tying event to benefit Project Healing Waters going on in Asheville. I tried to email them about donating a rod or two, helping them tie up some flies, or anything else I could do. It’s not that they turned me down or said they didn’t need my help….it’s that they never even bothered to reply at all. ( I guess they have what they need, but still – a simple “no thank you” would have been nice.) So, not only do I not get to help in any way with this very worthwhile project that’s right in my backyard, I don’t really feel much like promoting it either. ( Although I suppose in a way I just did! LOL )


And this spring, when I need more pine straw for the flower beds, I’ll no doubt have to load the stuff myself because no matter how I ask, the guys at Lowe’s never seem to want to help me load it. I used to work for Lowe’s and I don’t really mind loading it myself, but when I see them standing around talking on company time it makes me wonder how good my Lowe’s stock might be doing if they hired people who would actually work? How much better would your local fly shop be if they were all like Hook & Hackle or Unicoi Outfitters (who misunderstood the give-away concept but at least had the courtesy to reply)?




It also makes me wonder how it is that I can’t get a job, but these slackers ( the Lowe’s guys and other retail workers who have apparently never heard of the phrase “if you have time to lean, you’ve got time to clean” ) are still employed?

How do you run a business and not reply to emails? How do you hope to be around in 2, 3 or 10 years in this economy by hiring people who give you so little in return for the wages you pay them? How do you think you can create business growth and a future in any field by making promises you have no intention of keeping?  The answer? I have no idea….


But I am going to try to get some sleep now.


Is it too much to ask that we slow down just a little bit and think about how we’re treating each other?



Don’t answer that…



A FFSBR Reader Survey: What do you think?

24 01 2011

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, but always forget about it when I’ve got something else on my mind to talk about. Today, I was working on the new banner at the top of the page and I remembered that I wanted to get some opinions about the direction of this blog.

I’ll start by telling you what (most of you) already know…I’m typically a goofy person, and therefore a goofy blogger. I’m not all silly-string and bouncy barns, but when I’m feelin’ right with the world it’s hard not to be silly. I think life is way too short to take everything so seriously.

That said, it may shock you to know that I’m somewhat of a deep thinker. I try not to bore you guys with that stuff on this blog, but you may see a little of that creep into an entry from time to time.

So that leads us to the part where I ask for your help:

What brings you to FFSBR, and what brings you back?

I suppose I could just do a poll, but those are so impersonal. I like to read the thoughts of my friends and followers, not see blue bars stretching across the screen indicating a yes or no answer.

Is it the humor? The photos? The more serious ( however rare!) entries? Do you come to see how crazy I’ve been today? Or to find out if there are interesting links? I used to post up alot of “deals” that I’d find around the internet on fly fishing gear. Do you miss those? Are you coming back because of the great group of regulars that comment here? Is it the fishing reports and videos?

What do you like about FFSBR, and what do you hate? What do  you think would make it better and how can we keep you coming back?

I could spend hours doing internet searches on how to make a “killer blog” but I think outdoor bloggers and outdoor readers are a very special group of people and alot of the information out there ( OK, ok, i HAVE spent hours reading about how to make a killer blog…for what it’s worth, much of it was just alot of time wasted, IMHO) isn’t really geared toward fishing, hunting, hiking or camping blogs. The stuff you find on “how to make a great blog” is almost always geared toward movies, tech, food and gossip. But I’d rather talk trees and rivers and deer and sunsets. My guess, since you’re reading this, is that you would too!

So let me know, guys…how can we take FFSBR to the next level?

I can’t wait to read your suggestions! ( And your snarky quips…umm…cough-riverdamsel-cough…  🙂 )

Thanks for spending some of  your day here with us. We enjoy havin’ ya.


It’s 11PM and we’re all HyPeD uP On sUgAR! BALALALLALALLllaaaahahahalllahaha!

19 01 2011

We’re nothing ( me and Rufus T.) if not strange. This little post is just to tell you that the rod kit contest from Hook & Hackle is closed. And that I had too much sugar and caffeine tonight. And that I have no suitable containers in which to mail flies…puffy envelopes and little ziploc’s will have to do. You guys might have to “poof out” the caddis when you get them if the USPS squishes them too much. Oh, and to see if I’ve got the time thing fixed. And you guys out there that are internet savy could Digg us once in a while, ya know? 🙂 And we’re also not allergic to Stumbleupon, or Facebook. hint. hint.


Obviously, not a fly reel.

Oh –  and to let you know that I bought a reel from “Allen Flyfishing” about two weeks ago because it was a great deal although now I can’t get a reply via Facebook or email from them now. And I have prodded again on their Facebook page, asking Justin ( the owner I assume) if he got my email asking about the reel I was charged for two weeks ago. I’m just saying. Maybe I’ll hear from him today or tomorrow. And I want a piece of that pizza left over from dinner, but I’m going to go to sleep now instead.



This is not pizza, but it could be....

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