I lied. Another next-to-the-last-post…

23 02 2011

I didn’t mean to, but I lied to you guys. 🙂 This is the next to the last post. I promise.

Why another next-to-last post? Well, I’ll tell you why….

This Friday Night, Feb. 25th,  (ready or not! 🙂 LOL ) is our Grand Re-Opening Big-Hoopla-Party Event and it’s going to be a blast!

Here’s what you’ll find if you tune-in between 8 and 9 pm EST:

A surprise interactive experience!

A Free Flies Give-Away ( how’s a dozen #20 tungsten zebra midges sound to ya?)

A .50 PER FLY discount for the first three orders placed between 8pm and 9pm EST.

The release of a brand new fishing video!

The unveiling of our new Blue Ridge Mountains Photography site!

And more stuff that we’re keeping for a surprise!

So be here at 7:45 PM EST this friday, and be at ……..well, we’ll let you know where…at 8PM for our Grand Re-Opening-Big-Hoopla-Party-Event!

* If by some chance you’ve already stumbled onto the site in progress, we’d like to ask that you please help us to keep it hush-hush until Friday night! Thanks! 🙂


Our 100th Post is our last…

21 02 2011

It seems that if you’re going to keep up with the Joneses ( pardon the pun),  you’ve got to make at least one post saying your leaving, quitting, retiring, moving or running off to be a circus clown. First the Unaccomplished Angler retires and then “Favre’s” on us, Troutragous! goes on Hiatus!, Blog Cabin Angler and Windknots and Tangled Lines get face-lifts, and Fishin’ the Ridge up and moves to blogger without leaving us a single bread crumb….so I mean I’d feel like I wasn’t part of the gang if I didn’t follow in their footsteps, ya know? And since we’re not quitting, retiring, running off to be a circus clown (again) or leaving, that only leaves you with one guess. And when you figure it out, you can also add to the startling revelation that we’re headed to new home water (virtually speaking) the fact that this is not, in fact, the last post you’ll see here. See how I did that? I got you all ready to hear we were leaving and the whoooosh! Pulled that rug right out from under ya! We’re actually leaving after the post after this one. Read on:

There’s work to be done. Lots of work. And more than anything right now I need to focus on getting it done as quickly as possible. So, unless there’s some very pressing matter that just must-must-must be posted here at FFSBR, there will only be a “redirect and update your blog-rolls please” post after this one.

I’ve been hinting at this for a while now, trying to break it to my fellow bloggers in the easiest way I can. The good news is that we’re cooking up some new fishy-goodness and when you see it, you’ll undoubtedly get all teary eyed and emotional; lean back from your computer and with a deep longing sigh of satisfaction and joy let out a hearty………. “meh.

But that’s ok. That’s ok! Because we’re going to fill the new BaseCamp up with so much over-the-top non-meh-y goodness that you’ll be saying alot more than “meh” very soon.

So to everyone who has so graciously listed us on your blogroll and allowed us to be a part of your daily lives, we offer this sincere apology for asking you to change the url this one-last-time. I have already been made to promise that we will not change it again for at least 50 years.

Hang on there – don’t get that Dashboard worked into a frenzy yet though…

I’m not quite ready for you to change it yet – this is just a tiny little open-the-flood-gates siren sounding the alarm that a new chapter our plan for fly fishing world domination is getting very, very close.

When the website building is complete and the content starts to flow, I’ll come back here and make one final post with the new URL.

As we say in the South when leaving someone’s house after a visit….

“Ya’ll come with us!”

Friday Fish-Sticks

11 02 2011

This week’s Friday Fish-Sticks is brought to you by the letter F, which stands (as you know) for Fishing. That’s right you snowed-in jealous anglers out there, ole Owl is headed to the mountains again this weekend for a three day trout fishing adventure that will hopefully include some trophy fishing on one of TU’s 100 Best Trout Streams, some DH fishing, and a little warm, sunny weather! There will be live reports from NC, and another award-winning video. ( Awards given are purely fictional and do not represent actual awards or honors. Yet.)

So, let’s get crackin’ because I gots ta get packin’!

This first video has more than one funny thing going for it. FYI – there’s at least one four letter word (NSFW?) in it. My favorite line is ” If anyone is watching this video, please send …” – ehh, you’ll see. 😉

And apparently these are “big fish” for their waters, btw. As a Southern Appalachian trout chaser I know that everything regarding fish size is relative.

For those of you living in a cave for the last 10 years ( or outside fishing…)…

I don’t know who put that kid up to this, but he’s probably still being harassed about it today at his job down at Starbucks. Or the circus.

And to end this mild explosion of Friday Fish-Sticks goodness, I give you the following video presentation (which may be more odd than funny) of the ultimate extreme in tenkara fishing (*snicker, snicker…):

To me, this just doesn’t look like much fun for alot of reasons, not the least of which is that by the time you have the fish close enough to take out the tip of the rod to “play” the fish, he’s probably pretty much done fighting you. And, although his “light lines” excuse is lame (you can fish 2 lb. test with a spinning reel, dude.) I do see two advantages to fishing this way. . .

1. Your bait is always exactly where you want it.

2. You’ll look really cool doing it.

( OK, one reason….)

If you didn’t at least smirk or smile and shake your head sideways while watching this video, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you, but it’s something……it’s definitely something.


So, the Fish-Sticks today were a little dry and over-cooked perhaps, but I have to admit to  you that my brain is already in “pack up” mode and there are 100 things I need to be doing already this morning. I stayed up for about 34 hours these past two days to force myself into a normal ( meaning not nocturnal) sleeping pattern because I’ll need to be on the road tomorrow at around 4 am. to meet my buddy Chris in Western NC for some fly flinging. I plan to post up this weekend a bit from NC, and it will be my very first on-the-road blogging attempts, so we’ll see how that goes.

Hopefully, by next week things will be back to normal around here and I’ll fill you in on what’s going on, why the posts have slowed down and what to expect in the near future. In closing out this week, I’d like to also point out that I’ve been doing some research into the whole ” Pebble Mine” thing and although I find it strange and a little disconcerting that I’m on the same side of an issue with some pretty radical environmental groups, I’ve decided to join with those that oppose this mine. Even the “chance” that it hurts such a great fishery is not worth taking, IMHO. I know I wouldn’t want them mining the Smokies if I thought it might hurt brook trout populations. So, the anti-Pebble decal goes up to the right, and FFSBR takes a position against Pebble Mine. What’s worth more? Gold or Salmon? That’s easy for an outdoorsman, isn’t it?

So, it’s time to pack and make sure I get everything in the truck that I need.  I’m pretty sure I need to tie up some midges for my own fly box as well. ( PS. Thanks so much to you folks asking about flies. They will all be shipped out early next week and I’ll be inserting pics of the midges and other flies I’m offering into the slide-show at that link next week, too. ) Anyhoot, I’d tell you exactly where I’m going, but what fun would that be? Everyone likes surprises, right? Plus, if I told you ahead of time, I’d open myself up to all sorts of things….stalkers, black helicopters, aliens, bigfeets. You’ll just have to check back on Saturday night and see what I’ve got for ya!

Have a great weekend, guys. Go fishin’ if you can!

Owl Jones, MIA

10 02 2011

I realize that some of you may be thinking that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth by now, since there hasn’t been a post in a while – and only what? – Two this week maybe? Well, there’s stuff going on. Real Life Stuff that’s keeping me from posting much this week. Never fear though, I’ll be back in rare form ( your understanding of that depends on your interpretation of the word “form” 😉 ) in no time at all.

I just wanted to take a minute and say that I’m still here, and I’ll be back to four posts a day very soon – so the three of you that care, relax. I’m just attending to some stuff that couldn’t be put off.

And just so you those of you that stopped by hoping to see I was still missing don’t feel like it was a total waste of five minutes, try this on for size:

Back-Country Fishin' on Bradley Fork. No, I don't have a hump, that's a backpack under there, silly. And yes, that's a bright orange hat. Long story.

Caturday. I Haz it.

5 02 2011

I’ve got company this weekend, so there’s no REAL posting….sorry!

I’ll leave this guy in charge….


Everyone have a great weekend, ok? And if you have the flu, GET SOME REST. 😉

I’ve Been Selected!

4 02 2011

Today I got a very important letter in the mail. The envelope was thick and heavy and inside was a very formal looking letter addressed to me, and also some other stuff. We’ll focus on the letter. The letter was from a very prominent conservation organization that apparently noticed my work in the field of BBQ eating and silly videos. They established communications:

Dear Fellow Angler: ( They apparently sent this to the wrong person! Somewhere Mr. Fellow Angler is wondering why his letter said “Dear Mr. Owl Jones!” )

Cold, clean water teaming with wild and native fish. This is Trout Unlimited’s vision of success. And we’re working to make that vision a reality throughout hundreds of river systems nationwide.


You can help by becoming a TU member today.

We need your help to succeed.

I’m about to get some comments on this one, I know. But my first inclination was to reply to them thusly:

We needed your help to succeed in Georgia in stopping Gwinnett County from putting treated wastewater into Lake Lanier just yards upstream from the dam ( and the popular and vibrant Chattahoochee River trout populations) back in the early 2000’s too, TU. And you, National TU, left us high and dry. You didn’t make a statement. You didn’t send a representative. Local people fought and LOST this battle while you sat virtually silent on the matter.

So now, you need my help to succeed. Indeed, I suspect what you need is not my “help” but my “money” and that is something that is in short supply around here.

I have stood solid in my mild opposition to TU National on the grounds of this early 2000’s fiasco. NGTO ( which I was a member of ), Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, local TU groups, Lake Lanier HOA and other conservation and nature groups opposed this dumping of “drinkable water” into the lake, just upstream of the dam (and the start of a naturally reproducing world-class wild brown trout fishery) and fought hard to keep it from happening. And they fought both the wastewater treatment company and the Army Corp. of Engineers alone, without TU’s abundant ” strong science” and “national expertise” as they put it in their letter.

THAT SAID:  I have always, always held that local Trout Unlimited groups and individuals, Chapters and coalitions, have done so very much for our Georgia trout streams and our Southernmost trout populations that I cannot be entirely anti-TU. I have several friends that are involved with TU and they are outstanding people, both with regard to their fly-fishing lives and just…well, in general. I believe what makes TU the organization it is, is not the National Juggernaut. It is the local, grassroots angler or conservationist who stands in a stream shoveling sediment into place to hold a new in-stream structure in position, so that come spring the small creek is more oxygenated and the trout have more cover and deeper holding runs to increase their chances of survival and ultimately, reproduction.

So, I’m considering sending them the $25 and joining TU’s newest chapter in the Georgia that’s 20 minutes down the road from me. I’ve come to believe, through other events in my life not related to fly fishing that if you want to make a positive change in something, it’s best done from the inside out – and not from the outside, looking in.

And with this, I let go of my 10 year grudge against TU National and decide that they really could probably use my help.

Or at least my money. Besides, I like the new decal they sent, too. I just hope Mr. Fellow Angler got one too.


On a related note ( to this forum’s font issues) I would like to apologize for the font problems that this wordpress.com template is producing. I’ve never liked the fact that I cannot highlight the links in another color with it, and now the font “shrinkage” issue is becoming a real annoyance since, as you can see, it’s now taken to creating MASSIVE SIZED FONTS whenever it chooses. When I try to repair the miniature font, it only makes it worse.

I’d like you all to know that this issue will be fixed very soon in a major way. Just hang in there with me and keep the 3X magnifiers handy. 😉

OBN Prompt – Bloggers I’d most like to meet…

2 02 2011

OBN Wants to Know…which Outdoor blogger would you most like to meet?

I cannot tell a lie. There are literally dozens of them. I’m not sure I can even weed out enough people to narrow it down to a dozen. To that end, I sure hope no one feels hurt or “left out” from this little excercise when I pick the three or four bloggers that I do. I can do three or four because these are the three or four bloggers that I have the most “off-line” interaction with…..”off-line” as in “off -OBN” that is. After these three or four folks, there are literally DOZENS of outdoor bloggers that I would dearly LOVE to meet. So if you don’t make the list, don’t feel left out. If’ I’ve ever left more than one or two comments on your blog, you’re included for sure!

Mike from Troutrageous!

Mike was the very first blogger to pick up one of my posts and link to it. Mike’s blog was also the first fly fishing blog I’d ever seen, and I stumbled across it long before I had my own blog or there was such a thing as “OBN.” Not only was Mike nice enough to link to my blog and give me my first trickle of followers, he has been emailing me with advice and suggestions, too. Once, one of his suggestions was even helpful. I probably wouldn’t have jumped in with both feet if it wasn’t for Mike and I almost never miss a day of checking in on his blog. I’ve already told him that if one of us doesn’t make it out to CO for the OBN Convention, I’d like to come back to PA ( for my third time) and fish with him. I don’t normally “invite myself over” but I want to meet the guy that bad.

Quill Gordon from The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond

Ole Quill is a “throwback.” A man who traps and fishes and has a big white beard. A guy who works the land and takes care of business. He’s also become a great online friend, offering help and a little fishing someday if I can ever make it up north to where he hangs his hat. Reading one of Quill’s posts is like reading the best fishing book you’ve ever read….you can’t put it down and you hope it never ends. I’d love to buy Quill a steak and a beer and listen to him wax poetic about trout or beavers or whatever he’d want to talk about. There aren’t many like Quill. Not many at all…and I’m grateful that I met him online – and I hope to someday meet him in person.

Howard from Rodney’s After You…no, wait..that’s not right…

Howard from Wind Knots and Tangled Lines

Howard is my alter-ego. My brother from another mother. My fellow fisher and probable member of the Society of Silly Fishing Walks. When I need a cool post about gear, Howard is there. Humor? Again, Howard never fails to disappoint! He’s a little hard on the eyes, but apparently has a heart of gold, once asking me if I could use an extra hundred thousand or two. Ah, I couldn’t take money from Howard though. I mean, he could use it to get some protection from Rodney’s posse should they ever come looking for the angler that did him in. ( Psst. I talked to them. They think you did it, man.) I’m hoping to meet Howard in CO this summer and see if I can get some advice about women. Or fly reels. I forget which.

And last but not least in this list….

My dear friend Emily from Adventure in Every Riffle

The River Damsel and I have been pen-palin’ it for a while now. She has such a passion for fishing and for life. I’ve never been friends with a snow skier before and I have to say that they’re alot like regular folks, apparently. Except for….well, they wear funny hats and big sunglasses and like to, as Emily put it ” Zoooooom downhill at 60mph!” That sounds crazy to me, and I have been known to occasionally own a sportbike or two. Emily is always positive and always encouraging – and I don’t know anyone else who can make a trout look so darn good just by putting their fingers in front of it. ( I’m thinking of getting my nails done like Emms, just so I can take pics like that! ) I’m not sure if she feels the same way or not, but Emms and I have some kind of instant friendship thing going on that I can’t imagine most folks have online. ( No, we’re not dating you silly geese.) Emily is the kind of person that I wish I was more like.  I’m trying to soak in all her best qualities while trying not to rub off any of my lesser ones on her. I’m hoping to meet Emms in CO this summer and share some fishin with her. Maybe I’ll even get her to try grits, who knows?

Well, there’s the list -and again…I could have listed everyone I would like to meet, but I don’t have two weeks to get this post in and link it back to OBN.

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