Our 100th Post is our last…

21 02 2011

It seems that if you’re going to keep up with the Joneses ( pardon the pun),  you’ve got to make at least one post saying your leaving, quitting, retiring, moving or running off to be a circus clown. First the Unaccomplished Angler retires and then “Favre’s” on us, Troutragous! goes on Hiatus!, Blog Cabin Angler and Windknots and Tangled Lines get face-lifts, and Fishin’ the Ridge up and moves to blogger without leaving us a single bread crumb….so I mean I’d feel like I wasn’t part of the gang if I didn’t follow in their footsteps, ya know? And since we’re not quitting, retiring, running off to be a circus clown (again) or leaving, that only leaves you with one guess. And when you figure it out, you can also add to the startling revelation that we’re headed to new home water (virtually speaking) the fact that this is not, in fact, the last post you’ll see here. See how I did that? I got you all ready to hear we were leaving and the whoooosh! Pulled that rug right out from under ya! We’re actually leaving after the post after this one. Read on:

There’s work to be done. Lots of work. And more than anything right now I need to focus on getting it done as quickly as possible. So, unless there’s some very pressing matter that just must-must-must be posted here at FFSBR, there will only be a “redirect and update your blog-rolls please” post after this one.

I’ve been hinting at this for a while now, trying to break it to my fellow bloggers in the easiest way I can. The good news is that we’re cooking up some new fishy-goodness and when you see it, you’ll undoubtedly get all teary eyed and emotional; lean back from your computer and with a deep longing sigh of satisfaction and joy let out a hearty………. “meh.

But that’s ok. That’s ok! Because we’re going to fill the new BaseCamp up with so much over-the-top non-meh-y goodness that you’ll be saying alot more than “meh” very soon.

So to everyone who has so graciously listed us on your blogroll and allowed us to be a part of your daily lives, we offer this sincere apology for asking you to change the url this one-last-time. I have already been made to promise that we will not change it again for at least 50 years.

Hang on there – don’t get that Dashboard worked into a frenzy yet though…

I’m not quite ready for you to change it yet – this is just a tiny little open-the-flood-gates siren sounding the alarm that a new chapter our plan for fly fishing world domination is getting very, very close.

When the website building is complete and the content starts to flow, I’ll come back here and make one final post with the new URL.

As we say in the South when leaving someone’s house after a visit….

“Ya’ll come with us!”




7 responses

21 02 2011

Yea my parents used to pull this crap just when I was just getting used a the new school and making friends… makes it hard to find where you belong.
I call it, bull the rug from under my feet..
Good luck with the move!

21 02 2011
Tom Sadler

if you are still looking for fishin the ridge. The rascal is here:

21 02 2011

Well, I don’t quite know what to think. I had a feeling something big was happening with you, hence the many attempts to reach you. Don’t be gone too long my friend, the Outdoor Blogging World needs their Owl fix.

21 02 2011

This ought to be good

21 02 2011

If I were a cat, I’d be dead. The curiosity would have killed me by now.

21 02 2011

Oh, hoot! You remind me of myself. All dressed up and nowhere to go!

22 02 2011
Owl Jones

Well, I hope you guys aren’t too disappointed! The count-down is on. Maybe by Friday it’ll be ready to go. . . hang in there…

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