10 Best Ways to Ruin a Trip

15 02 2011
The following list of the 10 Best Ways to Ruin a Trip are, sadly enough from personal experience. Mostly.

10. Lock your keys in the vehicle after phoning home to say everything is fine.
9. Get stuck on a Forest Service Road 7 miles from camp –  at 2 am – because you thought it’d be fun to “drive around and look for deer.”
8. Set your tent on fire with a flung marshmallow.
7. Break your rod. Then break your “back up” rod a half-hour later.
6. Realize you remembered the extra propane cylinder, but you left the camp stove in the garage.
5. Forget the rain-fly for the tent. Then realize it’s ok because you forgot the tent, too.
4. Remember the 3 cans of beanie-weenies, but forget the can opener.
3. Fish for 2 days with a fly that has had it’s hook broken off.
2. Forget to pack deodorant.
1. Find out on the second day in the woods that being “pretty sure” you packed the TP wasn’t good enough.



11 responses

15 02 2011

While I realize this is simply a hypothetical list of what COULD go wrong, any or all of them sound like things I might do.

15 02 2011
Quill Gordon

I hope these are not all from the same trip! Regarding #4, no worries. The cans just pop right open on their own when they get up to temp.

15 02 2011
Owl Jones

Quill, no fortunately not! Back when I was a kid ( and stupid) we did explode a can of corn in a fire once. It was like confetti! : )

15 02 2011
Quill Gordon

Very hot, scalding confetti.

15 02 2011
The Functioning Fishaholics

Owl do you buy rods in bulk? (:

15 02 2011

Friggin’ hilarious. Done a few of those myself. Excellent post Mr. Owl.

15 02 2011

Good stuff, sat to say I’ve been down a couple of these roads myself.

15 02 2011

sad to say, not sat to say

19 02 2011

I combined 10 and 9 once, except that it was still daytime. Locked my keys in the truck about five miles down a FS road, where there wasn’t cell coverage. Big rock, window, problem solved.

23 02 2011
Swamp THing

Priceless. I (or somebody) should resurrect this topic as a writing challenge. Reading several of those made my ulcer flare up.

23 02 2011
Owl Jones

Hey, that would be a good idea for a writing challenge! 🙂 Thanks for the comments! Be sure to see today’s post!

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