Friday Fish-Sticks

11 02 2011

This week’s Friday Fish-Sticks is brought to you by the letter F, which stands (as you know) for Fishing. That’s right you snowed-in jealous anglers out there, ole Owl is headed to the mountains again this weekend for a three day trout fishing adventure that will hopefully include some trophy fishing on one of TU’s 100 Best Trout Streams, some DH fishing, and a little warm, sunny weather! There will be live reports from NC, and another award-winning video. ( Awards given are purely fictional and do not represent actual awards or honors. Yet.)

So, let’s get crackin’ because I gots ta get packin’!

This first video has more than one funny thing going for it. FYI – there’s at least one four letter word (NSFW?) in it. My favorite line is ” If anyone is watching this video, please send …” – ehh, you’ll see. 😉

And apparently these are “big fish” for their waters, btw. As a Southern Appalachian trout chaser I know that everything regarding fish size is relative.

For those of you living in a cave for the last 10 years ( or outside fishing…)…

I don’t know who put that kid up to this, but he’s probably still being harassed about it today at his job down at Starbucks. Or the circus.

And to end this mild explosion of Friday Fish-Sticks goodness, I give you the following video presentation (which may be more odd than funny) of the ultimate extreme in tenkara fishing (*snicker, snicker…):

To me, this just doesn’t look like much fun for alot of reasons, not the least of which is that by the time you have the fish close enough to take out the tip of the rod to “play” the fish, he’s probably pretty much done fighting you. And, although his “light lines” excuse is lame (you can fish 2 lb. test with a spinning reel, dude.) I do see two advantages to fishing this way. . .

1. Your bait is always exactly where you want it.

2. You’ll look really cool doing it.

( OK, one reason….)

If you didn’t at least smirk or smile and shake your head sideways while watching this video, I’m not sure what’s wrong with you, but it’s something……it’s definitely something.


So, the Fish-Sticks today were a little dry and over-cooked perhaps, but I have to admit to  you that my brain is already in “pack up” mode and there are 100 things I need to be doing already this morning. I stayed up for about 34 hours these past two days to force myself into a normal ( meaning not nocturnal) sleeping pattern because I’ll need to be on the road tomorrow at around 4 am. to meet my buddy Chris in Western NC for some fly flinging. I plan to post up this weekend a bit from NC, and it will be my very first on-the-road blogging attempts, so we’ll see how that goes.

Hopefully, by next week things will be back to normal around here and I’ll fill you in on what’s going on, why the posts have slowed down and what to expect in the near future. In closing out this week, I’d like to also point out that I’ve been doing some research into the whole ” Pebble Mine” thing and although I find it strange and a little disconcerting that I’m on the same side of an issue with some pretty radical environmental groups, I’ve decided to join with those that oppose this mine. Even the “chance” that it hurts such a great fishery is not worth taking, IMHO. I know I wouldn’t want them mining the Smokies if I thought it might hurt brook trout populations. So, the anti-Pebble decal goes up to the right, and FFSBR takes a position against Pebble Mine. What’s worth more? Gold or Salmon? That’s easy for an outdoorsman, isn’t it?

So, it’s time to pack and make sure I get everything in the truck that I need.  I’m pretty sure I need to tie up some midges for my own fly box as well. ( PS. Thanks so much to you folks asking about flies. They will all be shipped out early next week and I’ll be inserting pics of the midges and other flies I’m offering into the slide-show at that link next week, too. ) Anyhoot, I’d tell you exactly where I’m going, but what fun would that be? Everyone likes surprises, right? Plus, if I told you ahead of time, I’d open myself up to all sorts of things….stalkers, black helicopters, aliens, bigfeets. You’ll just have to check back on Saturday night and see what I’ve got for ya!

Have a great weekend, guys. Go fishin’ if you can!




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11 02 2011

After watching the first minute of the dude with the long pole is started reading on, and as I was getting to the point where you were talking about smirking and shaking your head… That’s exactly what I was doing and that made me laugh even more. Also I want to point out he said there are 3 in GA and he has two, not exactly a trend that’s exploding out of the gate is it?

Great blog and I’ll be back

11 02 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks Bruce! Glad you enjoyed it! No, I don’t think this rig will replace a Zebco 33 for a while yet. 🙂 lol

11 02 2011
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11 02 2011

I hope you were able to get some rest for drive. Travel safely, and have a great weekend fishing; I’m getting out Sunday. I can’t wait to hear about your trip. Glad to have another person against the Pebble Mine!

11 02 2011

Don’t forget to pack the flies I sent ya.

13 02 2011
Owl Jones

Clif, there are no largemouth bass there! 🙂 LOL – A Southeastern Fly Fishing Internet Hub!

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