I’ve Been Selected!

4 02 2011

Today I got a very important letter in the mail. The envelope was thick and heavy and inside was a very formal looking letter addressed to me, and also some other stuff. We’ll focus on the letter. The letter was from a very prominent conservation organization that apparently noticed my work in the field of BBQ eating and silly videos. They established communications:

Dear Fellow Angler: ( They apparently sent this to the wrong person! Somewhere Mr. Fellow Angler is wondering why his letter said “Dear Mr. Owl Jones!” )

Cold, clean water teaming with wild and native fish. This is Trout Unlimited’s vision of success. And we’re working to make that vision a reality throughout hundreds of river systems nationwide.


You can help by becoming a TU member today.

We need your help to succeed.

I’m about to get some comments on this one, I know. But my first inclination was to reply to them thusly:

We needed your help to succeed in Georgia in stopping Gwinnett County from putting treated wastewater into Lake Lanier just yards upstream from the dam ( and the popular and vibrant Chattahoochee River trout populations) back in the early 2000’s too, TU. And you, National TU, left us high and dry. You didn’t make a statement. You didn’t send a representative. Local people fought and LOST this battle while you sat virtually silent on the matter.

So now, you need my help to succeed. Indeed, I suspect what you need is not my “help” but my “money” and that is something that is in short supply around here.

I have stood solid in my mild opposition to TU National on the grounds of this early 2000’s fiasco. NGTO ( which I was a member of ), Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, local TU groups, Lake Lanier HOA and other conservation and nature groups opposed this dumping of “drinkable water” into the lake, just upstream of the dam (and the start of a naturally reproducing world-class wild brown trout fishery) and fought hard to keep it from happening. And they fought both the wastewater treatment company and the Army Corp. of Engineers alone, without TU’s abundant ” strong science” and “national expertise” as they put it in their letter.

THAT SAID:  I have always, always held that local Trout Unlimited groups and individuals, Chapters and coalitions, have done so very much for our Georgia trout streams and our Southernmost trout populations that I cannot be entirely anti-TU. I have several friends that are involved with TU and they are outstanding people, both with regard to their fly-fishing lives and just…well, in general. I believe what makes TU the organization it is, is not the National Juggernaut. It is the local, grassroots angler or conservationist who stands in a stream shoveling sediment into place to hold a new in-stream structure in position, so that come spring the small creek is more oxygenated and the trout have more cover and deeper holding runs to increase their chances of survival and ultimately, reproduction.

So, I’m considering sending them the $25 and joining TU’s newest chapter in the Georgia that’s 20 minutes down the road from me. I’ve come to believe, through other events in my life not related to fly fishing that if you want to make a positive change in something, it’s best done from the inside out – and not from the outside, looking in.

And with this, I let go of my 10 year grudge against TU National and decide that they really could probably use my help.

Or at least my money. Besides, I like the new decal they sent, too. I just hope Mr. Fellow Angler got one too.


On a related note ( to this forum’s font issues) I would like to apologize for the font problems that this wordpress.com template is producing. I’ve never liked the fact that I cannot highlight the links in another color with it, and now the font “shrinkage” issue is becoming a real annoyance since, as you can see, it’s now taken to creating MASSIVE SIZED FONTS whenever it chooses. When I try to repair the miniature font, it only makes it worse.

I’d like you all to know that this issue will be fixed very soon in a major way. Just hang in there with me and keep the 3X magnifiers handy. 😉




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4 02 2011
Nate - FishingInPa

For some reason, as I read this, I keep replaying that part in Toy Story when Buzz is about to be picked up by the crane and all the little aliens are chanting “HE HAS BEEN CHOSEN… HE MUST GO!”

4 02 2011
Owl Jones


4 02 2011


Why is Fellow Angler getting 2 invites? I was hoping someone didn’t get the one that was addressed to Mr Backcast….

4 02 2011
Owl Jones

He’s getting 2? hmm….ok, I give up. I’m lost.

4 02 2011
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4 02 2011

Looks like “Fellow Angler” had at least three addressed to him… I got one of his too.

I also like the Euro-esque decal they sent. Would it be wrong to put it on my bumper without sending in any money or joining?

I agree Owl, the best efforts for conservation happen on a local scale… grassroots style. As they say “think global, act local.”

4 02 2011

I hope I don’t get in trouble with the feds, I opened his mail as well.

4 02 2011
The River Damsel

CAN YOU READ THIS ? GOOD!~that wordpress prob is starting to wear on my eyes…

5 02 2011
Owl Jones

I think it’s this template. It’s days are numbered. 🙂 lol

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