4 02 2011

[Editors Note:  This week we’re letting Cousin…or is it Uncle?…anyway, we’re letting Rufus T. bring you the Friday Fishsticks. He did such a great job singing in that last video that we just couldn’t turn him down when he said he had some “big news from Alabama” that he wanted to share. He didn’t disappoint! Read on…]



Hey ya’ll! It’s ole Rufus T! I’ve got a few thangs fer ya today, but fust I’d like to tell ya’ll ’bout sumthin’ we done found down at the courthouse last week. It’s an old photograph of my grandaddy, Rufus S. He was a mean ‘ole cuss as I ‘member ‘im, but I rekon kin is kin. In this old photograph he looks like he might be a’fishin somewhar, but it’s hard ta tell. He ain’t got on his lucky fishin’ hat ner nuthin’ so mebbe he wuz jest out fer a walk. I don’t know. Don’t matter no how since he’s done gone and left this earf a long, long times ago. Ya’ll takes a look at this pichur and see if’n he don’t remind ya’ll of somebody ya know?

He shore looks drunk to me. Waal, anyway I jest wanted to get that right outt’n the way fer ya an’ now we’z on to th’ fish drumsticks or whatever this dern thing is called…

Last week I done went and found ya’ll a great deal on a great new fishin’ boat. We went all the way up in t’yankkee land to git it fer ya frum sum sorry cuss livin’ in Pennsly’vainya, but them yanks didn’t have nary way ta get th’ dern thang home. They tried their best to git Tommy and me to put it on sumthin’ called a “traa-lor” but we know’d that little skinny skeleton on wheels werent gonna hold no boat all the way back to Bama!  So, my buddy Tommy and me jest loaded ‘er up on the back of Tommy’s pick-em-up truck and we tried to git it home. Waal sir, let me tell you we run in to a bit ‘o trouble that’s fer shore. Tommy wuz lookin’ at some purty gurl what was comin’ out of the Krispy Kreme up th’ road frum his house n’ KERPOW! We dun hit us a light pole. Dern poles. Here’s a right good picktur frum the insurance compney…

Neither'n of us is yet figgerd out whut that says on the side of th' boat...kin any ya'll read it?



Then, after we got home we found out that the durn cat done tore up all of Tommy’s gentlemen magazines and run’d off with most of his prize cheekins. Them cheekins wuz eatin’ him out of house’nhome anyway and I done tried to tell him many ‘o time that they wuz nuthin’ but trouble. Ole Tommy swars he takes them feathers off’n them birds and sells ’em to some company up north fer good money. Theys bound ta’ be a better way fer a man ta make a livin’ but Tommy says they give him purty good treatment for yankees anyways. Them cheekins he’s a lookin’ fer but that cat has seen it’s last days if it ever sets hide’r’hair inside Tommy’s yard a’gin. You can mebbe halp us keep a look-out fer them cheekins. The looks alot like this ‘un here:



Tommy wroted them words on that thar piktur so he could 'member whut they looked like...


So yeah, if ya’ll see them cheekins, jest let ‘ole Rufus T. know ’bout it and we’ll run out and wrassle ’em back in ta ‘th yard I reckon. Tommy’s only runnin on one wheel, if you know whut I mean, so we kinda look after ‘im most of th’ time.


Last but not least of all I reckon I shud tell ya’ll whuts goin’ on over here in ‘Bama this mornin’ it bein Friday n’all that. We’z got us a brand new thang lined up over here all ready ta’ roll out an impress the whole dad-blame country. We calls it ” hillbilly fishin’ ” and this heay’r is Tommy’s sister Maybelle and her boyfriend Fred. We don’t rightly know who that boy is, but he’s a prissy little tike, ain’ t he – a’feard of some ‘ole catfish or bigmouth bass. And them hounds is Flapjack and Outhouse, but they ain’t much fer makin videeos. We’z tryin ‘ta keep it mighty tight-lipped ’round these parts but we’z all purty durn shore that this new thang here is gunna be the biggest thang since them fellars with their new-fangledey cane poles started fishing th’ cricks with “flies” and callin’ it tin’can’in or sumthin’ like that. See if ya’ll don’t agree ’bout this new feeshin ways…it’s gonna be BIG i’m a’tellin ya. BIG, BIG, BIG!



Waal, I reckon that’s all fer Friday Fishlips this week. I hope ya’ll have a good ‘urn and don’t git stuck inside with all that snow we’z been gittin ’round here. Dern if’n we ain’t all ’bout ready fer spring t’come back ’round.






10 responses

4 02 2011
The Functioning Fishaholics

Yeer haww! well smack yer’ momma’s mouth! That’s some fin’ fishin’ up in that ther videos! Getter boy! Getter!

4 02 2011
Owl Jones

Yours was the 700th comment since we’ve been here at this address! Thanks FF! It’s appropriate that it was hilarious!
The funny part of that video ‘ole Rufus T posted was the lady screaming and running from the fish!

4 02 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks for the “like” Quill! 🙂 ( Rufus T. says thank-ya too! )

4 02 2011
Fontinalis Rising

Hilarious video, now to just get the camera to hold steady under fire by fish.

4 02 2011

Wahl slap me on butt and call me howdy. That thar was funny.

4 02 2011

Owl – you brought a smile to my frozen face. Thanks


4 02 2011

Rufus T. was a pleasure to do business with. I’m not sure why he kept insisting in paying me with Monopoly money though…maybe it was old Confederate dollars or something. That moonshine we settled on sure goes down smooth.

4 02 2011
Owl Jones

Shhhhhhhh….now you know ole Rufus stopped making that stuff back in the 60’s. Err…I mean..where do you think I get my rootbeer from…right? yeah…that’s it…

7 02 2011
The River Damsel

Dang…How did I miss this Fishstick post??? I did, and Friday really sucked. Ok, teaches me a lesson! Is Howard’s new name, “Howdie”?

7 02 2011
Owl Jones

I’m not sure, but he said we should call him that! Hello Howdy! 🙂

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