Happy Friday…..a few hours early…

3 02 2011

I’m almost never early to anything and it drives my wife crazy. So, to make up for that near-fatal flaw, here’s an early Happy Friday kinda post. After all, wouldn’t life be pretty “meh” if it wasn’t for Fridays?

Tonight I bring you a pretty ok deal from Cabela’s. While I encourage you to shop your local fly shop (if they are deserving of your business) in these tough times when you run across a good deal, take it. Like a new fast-action fly rod for $39.88. The Traditional II’s are on sale again at Cabela’s and are a good deal. It’s a $100+ retail price rod for less than 1/2 that.

Why is it not a “great” deal or a “super” deal you ask? Because I recently snagged a few when they were $25 – and also because of the review I’m about to give you below. Most of the rods are at $50 or so, but the 7’6 4 wt. is at the $39.88 price. The way Cabela’s usually works on these sale items is that once people find them and they start flying out the door, the price inches up. ( Or that’s the way it seems to work out for me…) So if you want one of these puppies, now is the time to jump on it.


That's right. I bought 4 of them @ $25 ea. free shipping. booyah.


I cast the 4wt. for a bit last week and although it appears to be everything a fly rod should be, it’s not. It’s called the “Traditional II” but in Cabela’s world “traditional” must mean “lumber.” It’s “fast-action” rating does not begin to describe how stiff this rod is (insert The Office Joke here if you must) for an under 8 foot 4 wt. It IS fast-action. It is also a 2 X 4 from the mid-point on down. I think you could probably get away with using a 5 wt on this rod – maybe even a 6 wt. Why you’d want a seven-foot-something 6 weight though, I’ll never know? And maybe that is what’s led to the massive price reduction on this particular model.

Is it a bad fly rod? Heavens no. It’s as light as some rods that cost twice as much (of the retail price) and it seems to be very well made. Nice wraps, guides almost perfectly straight (I mean, this thing is mass produced in China, mind you) and it’s a very good casting rod. It just feels like they forgot to consider that a 7’6 4 wt rod shouldn’t be usable for fishing AND playing 8-ball. One reviewer on Cabela’s site described the rod as “clubby.” However, for $39.88, a little clubby-ness can probably be overlooked.

I’d suggest it as a back-up or a first fly rod to anyone, but if you’re used to a Sage, Winston or even St. Croix…well…you know…

If you want to try one, the link is: http://tinyurl.com/4mawp74

AND NOW, PART Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuwh….




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3 02 2011

I wouldn’t mind having a seven foot something 6 wt for putting a bass bug under overhanging trees on a Smallie stream. I’m looking at the Ross Flystik for this purpose.
LOLcats are funny.

3 02 2011
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3 02 2011

What if I don’t have a local fly shop?

BTW, when clicking through to your blog from facebook…your layout is all screwed up. It works fine if I don’t look that the “networked blogs” version. I don’t have any advice to fix it.

3 02 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks for the heads up on that FB thing, Clif. I’m not going to worry about it too much. Change is in the wind….

4 02 2011

For someone who likes sloooow, a clubby, pool stick, piece of lumber is just that whether it’s $39.88 or or $1.95. Why would someone buy 4 when it doesn’t sound like you like 1? Just askin, cause I don’t understand how this is a good deal. Not trying to be snarky.

4 02 2011
Owl Jones

No, I understand what you’re saying. Here’s why I got 4 of ’em.

1. $25 each for a fly rod. Even if I just need it as a back-up that’s a great deal. 2. I have a cabela’s LST that I really like. 3. I’d never tried a “Traditional II” ( or a Traditional I for that matter! lol ) 4. I’m a sucker for 75% of anything to do with fly fishing.

Your question makes perfect sense to me. If I’d known it wasn’t something I was going to fish with all the time, I’d have probably only bought 3. 😉

4 02 2011

Well, give one to Rufus T. and teach him to fish. He won’t know the difference.

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