Potluck Thursdays

2 02 2011

Ok, ok,….I’m not really going to start a series on Thursdays. 🙂 However, I do have a few things I’d like to “get out there” today and none of them (with the exception of directing you to a new blog I recently discovered perhaps) is big enough to warrant a complete thread on their own. So, it’s potluck supper time. Who’s got what? And what is that green stuff in that 1970’s tupperware bowl? Don’t ask. ( and don’t eat it either!)

Thing #1. It’s rare that you find a multi-topic type blog that reads as well as this one does, but I am tellin’ you guys this thing is like reading ..I don’t know. I don’t read unless it’s online, and even then it’s not books. 🙂 Anyway, all I can tell you is that I spent five minutes reading through what you would think could only be described as the “most boring post topic ever” – but I didn’t want the story to end. What was it about? Seasoning a cast iron dutch oven. I’m telling you. Go forth and read this guy’s blog. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. There’s even some fishing on there. And boar hunting. Any man who faces down a whole herd of wild boar with only two other friends…well…..that’s either a crazy guy or a very brave hunter. Did I mention there was bird watching, too? Trust me. Read it. You’ll like it.


Thingie #2. – As I posted over at the OBN Forums ( you are signed up over there if you have an OBN blog, right?) the thought occurred to me that perhaps we should try to do some cross-training while we’re there. No, not running a mile or two, although that would probably be a good thing for me personally…but a cross-sport training thing. You’re a hiker, but not a fisher…I’ll take you fishing for a couple of hours to show you what it’s all about. You’re a fly fisher, but not a mountain biker? Maybe we can get the mountain bikers to lead small groups on 2 hour trips? You’ve never been camping!? Join the wife and I around the campfire one night. That sort of thing. Anyone have any thoughts on that idea? If you do and your and OBN blogger, please sign up at the forums and join in the conversation! So far, it’s a blast over there and we already have over 50 forum members signed up. If you’re not an OBN blogger, you can comment here – or better yet – get yourself a blog, contact OBN about adding it to their roster of outdoor blogs ( you can do that ON THIS PAGE )  and join us on the forum!


Thirdlyish: I’ve just signed up on Skype. Anyone else using this thing? Yeah, yeah, I know it’s been out a long time now, but I thought the video thing was cool and I’ve decided that maybe it isn’t too much trouble to comb my hair or wear a hat once in a while. Anyone else on there? I’ll warn you, what you’ll see ain’t pretty unless you like scraggly beards and bushy eyebrows…but if you want to chat, just hit me up. My Skype name is: Owljonesblog

Fourthamundo: These funny cats.








2 responses

2 02 2011
Bumbling Bushman

How can I thank you for such a ringing endorsement? Thanks Owl. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing at The Bumbling Bushman if you keep doing the excellent work you do here. Thanks to any of your readers in advance for heading over there. I hope you find something to like.

2 02 2011
Owl Jones

I think the problem with you is, we’re going to find too much that we like! 🙂 You have a stand out blog and I think everyone will enjoy it.

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