OBN Prompt – Bloggers I’d most like to meet…

2 02 2011

OBN Wants to Know…which Outdoor blogger would you most like to meet?

I cannot tell a lie. There are literally dozens of them. I’m not sure I can even weed out enough people to narrow it down to a dozen. To that end, I sure hope no one feels hurt or “left out” from this little excercise when I pick the three or four bloggers that I do. I can do three or four because these are the three or four bloggers that I have the most “off-line” interaction with…..”off-line” as in “off -OBN” that is. After these three or four folks, there are literally DOZENS of outdoor bloggers that I would dearly LOVE to meet. So if you don’t make the list, don’t feel left out. If’ I’ve ever left more than one or two comments on your blog, you’re included for sure!

Mike from Troutrageous!

Mike was the very first blogger to pick up one of my posts and link to it. Mike’s blog was also the first fly fishing blog I’d ever seen, and I stumbled across it long before I had my own blog or there was such a thing as “OBN.” Not only was Mike nice enough to link to my blog and give me my first trickle of followers, he has been emailing me with advice and suggestions, too. Once, one of his suggestions was even helpful. I probably wouldn’t have jumped in with both feet if it wasn’t for Mike and I almost never miss a day of checking in on his blog. I’ve already told him that if one of us doesn’t make it out to CO for the OBN Convention, I’d like to come back to PA ( for my third time) and fish with him. I don’t normally “invite myself over” but I want to meet the guy that bad.

Quill Gordon from The View from Fish in a Barrel Pond

Ole Quill is a “throwback.” A man who traps and fishes and has a big white beard. A guy who works the land and takes care of business. He’s also become a great online friend, offering help and a little fishing someday if I can ever make it up north to where he hangs his hat. Reading one of Quill’s posts is like reading the best fishing book you’ve ever read….you can’t put it down and you hope it never ends. I’d love to buy Quill a steak and a beer and listen to him wax poetic about trout or beavers or whatever he’d want to talk about. There aren’t many like Quill. Not many at all…and I’m grateful that I met him online – and I hope to someday meet him in person.

Howard from Rodney’s After You…no, wait..that’s not right…

Howard from Wind Knots and Tangled Lines

Howard is my alter-ego. My brother from another mother. My fellow fisher and probable member of the Society of Silly Fishing Walks. When I need a cool post about gear, Howard is there. Humor? Again, Howard never fails to disappoint! He’s a little hard on the eyes, but apparently has a heart of gold, once asking me if I could use an extra hundred thousand or two. Ah, I couldn’t take money from Howard though. I mean, he could use it to get some protection from Rodney’s posse should they ever come looking for the angler that did him in. ( Psst. I talked to them. They think you did it, man.) I’m hoping to meet Howard in CO this summer and see if I can get some advice about women. Or fly reels. I forget which.

And last but not least in this list….

My dear friend Emily from Adventure in Every Riffle

The River Damsel and I have been pen-palin’ it for a while now. She has such a passion for fishing and for life. I’ve never been friends with a snow skier before and I have to say that they’re alot like regular folks, apparently. Except for….well, they wear funny hats and big sunglasses and like to, as Emily put it ” Zoooooom downhill at 60mph!” That sounds crazy to me, and I have been known to occasionally own a sportbike or two. Emily is always positive and always encouraging – and I don’t know anyone else who can make a trout look so darn good just by putting their fingers in front of it. ( I’m thinking of getting my nails done like Emms, just so I can take pics like that! ) I’m not sure if she feels the same way or not, but Emms and I have some kind of instant friendship thing going on that I can’t imagine most folks have online. ( No, we’re not dating you silly geese.) Emily is the kind of person that I wish I was more like.  I’m trying to soak in all her best qualities while trying not to rub off any of my lesser ones on her. I’m hoping to meet Emms in CO this summer and share some fishin with her. Maybe I’ll even get her to try grits, who knows?

Well, there’s the list -and again…I could have listed everyone I would like to meet, but I don’t have two weeks to get this post in and link it back to OBN.




6 responses

2 02 2011

Owl, you’ve been scrubbed from the Toilet Bowl. Thanks for including me on your list.

2 02 2011
The River Damsel

Someday, when I get a “prize” fish, you will see more of the fish, I promise! Gee, does Howard know what a “HOT” commodity he is at this OBN get together? I’m bringing the autograph book…ha. Seriously, I am humbled that you would mention me. It’s been a fun blogging ride thus far and I treasure the friendships with you, Mr. Owl, and others that have touched my life.

2 02 2011
Owl Jones

( Don’t tell him….we’re all just hoping to have him around so maybe we get a peek at Rodney’s (RIP) replacement from theBrown Trout Institute for Fisherman Harassment )

2 02 2011
Quill Gordon

Those are kind words, Mr. Jones, and after spending the afternoon rearranging snow drifts I now feel all warm inside. Thank you for reading, enjoying, and pointing others toward my little corner of the outdoor blogging community.

There are much worse things to be called than a “throwback” and I thank you for being so diplomatic.

I’ll take you up on the steak and beer. I think we should go to one of them 72 ounce “Eat It and It’s Free” steak places and hope we don’t fill up on the bread.

I look forward to your posts, even when there are four or five per day, and I really hope no one falls out of the boat when you’re here.


2 02 2011
Owl Jones


I use the term “throwback” in the most positive way! Not many people can say they’ve ever trapped a beaver. I can’t. Nothing even close. Well, wait – I did kill a rabbit once with my truck. Yep. That’s as close as I can get to that. When I think of throwback, I think of football. I think of the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field! Besides, who can tell how old you are in human years under all those whiskers! 🙂 A 72 oz. steak reminds me of one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s utterly stupid. Well, most of it anyway…but it’s got John Candy in it and there are bears eating candy bars. Do you know it? If not, I shall have to enlighten you to it’s goodness. They do have DVD players up there where you live, don’t they? 😉 lol


3 02 2011

We’ll meet. In Colorado, PA, GA, or maybe even LA… Consider it done.
And the outdoor blogosphere will never be the same.

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