27 01 2011

Someone was just saying on another post that the suspense was killing them. Me too….well, the suspense is over….

The Big Announcement – the lucky blogger than was chosen by Hook & Hackle to win the rod kit – you want to know who that is, right?

You’ll have to hit the “more” button below to find out if it’s you.

THE WINNER of the HOOK & HACKLE Xi Rod Kit is………………………………………

………………………………………………………………………TIPPINTACO !

The winning article can be found on Taco’s blog “Fishin’ the Ridge.”

Full Discloure: Taco is a personal friend of mine. As a matter of fact, he lives about 30 minutes away from me. HOWEVER, not only did I not have anything to do with choosing a winner for this thing (Ron and the guys at did that), but I wish someone else had won it. Why? WHY? Well, because dad-gum-it! It won’t be 6 months – tops! –  before Taco gives the rod-building fever to me and then I’ll have to spend more money on cork and winding checks and thread and snake guides and glue and blanks and….. That’s why! Seriously, I sent them an email last week with a list of links in no particular order to every entry we had, and they picked ‘ole Taco as the winner!

So Congrats to Taco on winning the Xi rod kit! Here’s the email I got from Ron explaining why his entry was chosen as the winner:

The line that got me here is: “I want to build a personal relationship with this amazing sport and hobby that most can’t imagine.”  You see, it is a personal relationship that makes rod building, fly tying and fly fishing the wonderful pastime that it is.  Thanks, Owl! “

Please get me his mailing info and permission to use their essay.  Thanks, Jeff!



The Hook & Hackle Company

Once again I’d like to sincerely thank Ron and the guys at for putting this thing together and for running one heck-of-a class act fly shop! If there’s anyone out there in FFSBR-Land that hasn’t checked out their website and e-store, you really owe it to yourself to give them a look!

Taco, I’ll get with you tomorrow and we’ll get them your address. CONGRATULATIONS!




11 responses

27 01 2011
d nash


27 01 2011

Congratulations to Taco. Good essay.

27 01 2011

Who gets the hat?

27 01 2011
Nate - Fishing In Pa

Hat? I want my autographed Owl photo.

Congrats Taco!

27 01 2011

Congrats Taco!

27 01 2011
Owl Jones

OH, that’s right! Let me email them about the hat!? 🙂

27 01 2011

LOL sooo i had typed this long acceptance speech.. and my AVG shut my pc down while typing.. So I’m going to take that as a sign. So short and sweet guys:

Hook and Hackle: Thanks for giving me this great opportunity to build this amazing kit. You guys set the bar high for other companies by providing support for anglers of all skill levels but for mainly : The new guy

You guys are absolutely amazing at what you do and how you provide honest and sincere knowledge to the guy who would buy anything he was told to buy just because he didnt know any better (me). Thanks again I plan to do a step by step on my blog and will be sure to tell everyone where it came from.

Everyone else Thanks for the support, kind words and suggestions. I read a lot of amazing entries for this contest from serious ones to absolutely hilarious ones. You guys are amazing inspirations in your own way and I’m glad I can share OBN with you all.

OwL: I’ll be sure to do the fat boy dance tomorrow in the river and let you film it 😀 Thanks man for bringinga personality to this hobby and sport that so many people lack these days. Every trip we go on is always an adventure and an honor bud.

Once I learn how to use wordpress I’d love to be able to point in your directions. But right now I’m a mess with all these widgets 😀

27 01 2011

Screw you Taco. Hope you enjoy my rod kit.

27 01 2011
Owl Jones

I cannot stop giggling about this….just fyi.

tee hee

28 01 2011

Amen Troutrageous!
Taco, be gental with Troutrageous’s rod, he’s a mean dude and might ring your bell.

28 01 2011
Owl Jones

Guys, I sent an email to them asking who won the hat. I’m just going to tell you guys what they told me, since I really don’t know how to handle it. They said ” you.” Not my intention, but I don’t really think it’s right for me to tell them no.

SO, what I’ve decided to do is give you guys that posted an entry a chance at another rod. Specifically, one of those Cabela’s Traditional II rods I got on sale not long ago. Yeah, yeah, I got them for a song – but the retail on them is $100.

And the only way you can win is to have an entry on the Hook & Hackle contest. Look for this new contest just for you guys soon.
Oh, and sorry Taco, you can’t win it since you won the first contest.

Hopefully, this chance at another rod will make up for me keepin’ the hat. 😉

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