That Noob-like Feeling…

26 01 2011

Mr. Marc Payne ( his very interesting blog is The Perfect Drift ) puts into words that feeling of taking your first tentative steps into fly fishing. It’s something every fly fisher goes through no matter if you have 38 friends helping you, one brave buddy, or no one at all. You walk into a fly shop for the very first time, and…well, you need to go read this for yourself. I’m sure 99.999% of us can relate to Marc’s tale. I can’t wait to read the next part of his explaination as to how he ended up addicted to the long rod…

Oh, you want the link to the story so you can laugh too? Dang you guys are demanding! 🙂

How it All Started, by Marc Payne

I’m thinking ole Marc may be onto something with this, so I hope he doesn’t mind if I use his story for inspiration and tell you guys how I got started in fly fishing. Heck, maybe OBN will even make it a writing prompt for all the OBN bloggers….” How you got into ?” It’s always fun to hear about that first fishing trip, bird hunt or hike. It’s the time when we’re the most ‘green’ and everything is amazing and difficult and mysterious. I don’t have as good a story as Marc does, but I’ll get to work on putting it down because I’m sure there are at least a couple of laughs to be had at my expense in there somewhere. Probably somewhere around the part where the rod breaks in half. There’s always a rod breaking in half around me. You should see the guys in the fly shops run to cover them with blankets when I pull into the parking lot. 😉


So, my trip to Colorado for the OBN Convention. I’m going to need some help with the fishing info out there. I can’t pay you in money, but I can bring extra flies for you and probably give you some funny stories to share with your readers. I mean, if there’s something stupid that can be done on a Colorado trout river, I’ll probably do it. I’ve already heard about the bat problem. If they have bees too, you should make sure you always have your camera ready. I’m just warning you. I will dance and squeal like a little girl if I’m inspected by bees. I hate those things.

Anyway, back to the fish….I don’t care about catching big fish. Wait – let me rephrase that….I don’t MIND catching big fish, but I enjoy catching trout on dries. That said, I also enjoy catching trout on nymphs, eggs, soft-hackles, streamers, wet flies and corn. ( I’m lying about the corn.) So, if anyone who fishes CO can give me some tips, advice or whatever that would be super-awesome-riffic.

And if there’s any chance of a caddis hatch…you know what? I’m so jumping the gun. HEY OBN – I know it probably doesn’t matter to the hikers, wing shooters, kayakers or bushcraft people, but we fisherfolk need some DATES! 🙂 Until we get dates, I guess I’ll just keep all this enthusiasm for my first trip out west (at least the fishing part of it) bottled up for now. It’s already extremely hard to NOT think about fishing out there. Maybe someone from CO or that fishes CO can do a blog post about the type of water we’ll see…or the fish…or the bugs…

Yeah. I’ve got it bad peeps. I’m ready to go RIGHT NOW. ( The wind outside howls and mock me because it knows winter isn’t anywhere close to being over yet….)


What is this? A three part post?

Well, yes it is. Thank you for asking.

This is just a note to let you all know that because of the Convention out in CO, I’m going to be forced to cancel the Smoky Mountain Trout Camp this spring. I don’t really want to do it, but I’m sure I’ll have enough to plan with regular fishing trips this spring and the convention trip – and I most likely will be doing more day-trips this year to save money for the CO gathering. I hate to do it, because I do realize that a few of you guys were planning on coming down. And you still can – don’t let the cancellation of the formal gathering stop you. I’d be glad to meet you in the GSMNP to show you around my home water. I just think it’s best for us money-wise and time-wise that I drop the planning of a big, formal gathering right now to concentrate on other things. After all, Rebecca at OBN says they are already working on an OBN East Gathering anyway and I’m not going to try and compete with that! ( Plus, I’ll need money to be there at that one too, if they’ll let me in. 😉 )

So, anyway….maybe we can set one up for the fall or next year. Or, maybe some of you will still want to come down and take me up on the offer. Again, if you want to come down and fish, I can meet you in the Park and do a little informal guiding for you for sure. And there’s still the chance that I’ll end up spending at least one weekend camping up there in April or May or early June…who knows…


PART FOUR: The unheard of Part

Last part, I promise. I have alot of ground to cover this morning, so I lumped everything into one post. Sorry it’s so looooong.

OK, last order of business…

I’ve got a link over there to some flies. For over a year I’ve thought about trying to sell them. Scouring the internet, I’ve seen all kinds of information about doing this. Some good, some bad, some right, some wrong. In reality, it’s hard to know what to believe. My lawyer buddy assures me of one thing, then I read a commercial tier saying something else. ( My lawyer buddy is a swell guy and knows his stuff, btw) I’m generally a “play by the rules” kinda guy. However, you really never know what you’ll do or how you’ll react in a given situation until you’re in it. Like that time the bear wanted to make out with me. ( Sorry bear, you’re not my type. ) So I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind ( like everyone else does on a daily basis I imagine? ) and try to earn a little income from selling a few flies. If there are taxes, licenses, fees, etc. to be paid, levied, coerced, ..well, I guess I’ll find out. I can’t just sit here and continue to watch the rejection letters (or more often the sound of silence) pour in. It’s time to get proactive (Do you hate those commercials as much as I do?) and try to keep from losing our house, cars, guns and life savings. I put off doing anything on my own because I stupidly thought that if I just sent out enough resumes and put in enough applications I’d land another job soon enough. Well, soon enough has come and gone. There’s nothing left to do but to make my own way. That’s party what this blog is about….I’m taking a big sharp stick and poking it around in the dark trying to hit anything that might keep us afloat out here.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         UUUUGHhhhhhh, I hate doing that. OK, so enough of the reasons and the explanations and the crying and whining. I’m tying caddis and zebra midges right now.  They are $2 ea. They are made from American materials on American hooks. They are sturdy and strong and very good fishing flies. I don’t tie art, so if you’re looking for something to put under glass and show your friends, these aren’t the flies for you. But if you’re going to buy flies this year, and some of those flies are caddis or zebra midges or any number of other fly types; please consider buying them from us. You’ll be helping us to keep our heads above water, and you’ll be buying American made flies from an unemployed American who just wants to provide for his family the way he used to before the economy went belly up. We’ll even pay the shipping to get them to you if you’re in the USA, and your first order will come with an extra fly of another type so that you can check out more than one of our patterns. We know that it’s easier to buy flies online for $.50 a fly, but we could really use the money right now if you’re going to buy flies for spring fishing anyway.

And now, ………….back to your regularly scheduled blog programming…..




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26 01 2011
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26 01 2011
Functioning Fishaholics

Owl I just gave you some free product placement on Functioning Fishaholics…

26 01 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks! That’s awesome! 🙂

26 01 2011

Dude, you know I’m not gonna miss an opportunity to fish with such a nut! The only thing that might stand in the way is a scheduled trip to Alaska. Make sure you add a few days before or after The Blogger Clave to hit a few of the major rivers and some secondary tribs. We can put some notches in that bucket list of yours… BIG TIME.

We needs dates for the Clave before we can discuss hatches. HOPEFULLY IT’S NOT DURING THE RUN OFF…. Rebecca and Joe, wink, wink.

26 01 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks gary! That sounds awesome! I am kinda limited on how far I can hike, etc. I have a knee and a back that don’t like to hike more than a couple of miles both ways. Makes me wish I was 20 again, but there’s no goin’ back I guess. So when does this RUN OFF thing happen? I’m not used to having to deal with that – does the fishing just shut down, or can you fish streamers, etc. and still catch fish? So much to learn! So much to look forward to! I think I’m going to pass out! 🙂 lol

26 01 2011
The River Damsel

Oh my goodness…you are the silliest Owl! Hurry with that ventilator!!! We can’t have Owlee passing out from shear excitement before the big event…haha.

27 01 2011

No problem on the physical restrictions my man. There are plenty of wonderful places to fish within a stones throw of Denver where you can hop out of the car and tangle with trout. Runoff gets going when snow starts melting off the mountains, roughly mid/late April through June 20th. But it can stretch into July, particularly with the amount of snow we’ve gotten this year. We’ve got heavy snowpack along the front range, so runoff will likely last a pretty long time (similar conditions to last year). Much will depend upon the heavy snow months yet to come, Feb, March and April, and how quickly things heat up temperature wise once Spring settles in.

You can fish during the runoff, but it can be dangerous at its peak, particularly if you’ve got a knee and back thing. BRING A WADING STAFF. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to treat your felt boots (TeeHee!) before you come. Streamers are usually the gig. The rivers are off color during runoff and usually it’s not “beautiful” CO fishing. It is a good time to fish though as they are all running for their lives and consequently packed against the bank or anywhere where there is slow water. You just have to be careful about stepping in. We always lose an angler or two each year during the runoff.

@CoFisher – gotta give some props baby! Carp fishin’ rocks in Colorado! It’s a resident insider secret. In truth, we’ve all moved on from trout. Think I’m kidding, check this out . Haven’t you heard, carp are the new bonefish. Now, having caught more than a few bonefish in my life, I can say with confidence that carp AREN’T bonfish. Still, they are a blast to fish for on the South Platte that runs right through Denver. Bring your eight weight and some Backstabbers in drab muted colors and be prepared to hold on for your life.

Gonna wait to see if Rebecca and Joe publish some dates for the Outdoor Blogger Clave before jumping on the forum. I feel compelled to follow Rebecca’s lead as she’s been so helpful to me on a number of technical fronts. Plus, I still owe here a bunch of steelhead flies. Her wish list might grow if I step out of line.

If the GO button gets pushed, expect a “runoff” of information on logistics, rivers, hatches, restaurants, deals, guides, fly shops, licenses, micro beer, etc. Everything a growing Owl needs to enjoy Colorado Rockies fly fishin’.

I hope it gets pulled off.

27 01 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks gary! That’s mighty fine advice!

26 01 2011

Owl, I’ll start checking around and see if I can find someone in Colorado to drop some tips on you, or maybe do a post. Hang on….I’m thinking…nope, got nothin’. Are you interested in carp fishing?

27 01 2011
Owl Jones

C..c…CARP? Why I oughta….. 😉

What we need is a message board or something – a central place to discuss this thing instead of spread out all over everyone’s blogs. hmmm….let me see what I can do. Would anyone else be interested in that. Take me 10 minutes to make one…speak now or forever……………………………… for carp?

26 01 2011

Owl – Got enuff dough for 2 dozen right now. Email me on the back end and we’ll talk about the details. You probably already know this but you need to integrate some PayPal buttons to make this easy to order asap. e-Commerce is all about immediate gratification.

BTW – Colorado will never be the same.

27 01 2011
Owl Jones

Actually, I’m stalling any changes for as long as I can – thus the simple link to a contact form. It might make some folks think twice about sending a check to a guy they don’t know, but it’s not like I’m not easy to find – and not like I could afford a bad rep on the deal ( unlike a deal I just had on a “discount” reel that was less than ideal…)

I think my FFWDA ( Fly Fishing World Domination Architect ) reads my blog, but for whatever reason I can’t get a REPLY BY EMAIL OR PM.

maybe they are reading this? 😉 LOL

If I don’t get some sort of confirmation soon that a revamp is still a go, I may have to add those buttons, more photos on another page, etc.
Hmm…now I’m wondering if there is a way to put a slideshow into the side-bar thingy….hmmm…

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