Stealth Owl 101

26 01 2011

While the fires are raging over on the OBN thread about the First Ever OBN Convention, Outdoor Extravaganza and Fishing Expo ( ok, so I embellished a little, big deal ), I’ve already been planning ahead.

Everyone thinks I’m going to roll into town and paint everything red, but little do they know that A. I’m all out of red paint ( how about lavender rose? ) and 2. I hate painting.

No, it’s not going to go down like that. I’m going to slip into town without anyone knowing I’m there…do a little stealth reporting in disguise, maybe put a “Kick Me” sign on Quill Gordon’s back ( if he has the GUTS to show up! ha! ), pull River Damsel’s pig-tails, and then slide on back to the Smoky Mountains as quietly as I came.

There won’t be live video feeds about whatever that is that Mike the Tenkara Slave is wearing ( a sun dress, with those legs? hmm), how much money was won or lost on whether or not Joe and Rebecca really planned an online casino that went horribly wrong, or Rodney sightings,  etc. etc. etc. None of that.

There also won’t be pictures of food, beer, flies, reels, bass plugs, fly tying lessons, casting in parking lots, the trading of gear or baseball cards or even yesterday’s chili dogs that we left in someone’s car all day with the windows rolled up. No audio recorded of pillow fights, impromptu square dancing callers, feral pigs wandering the hallways of some unsuspecting hotel (being stalked by guys with traditional bows that cost more than my truck), nothing like that. Not at all.

We won’t have written documentation of anyone’s casting style, how many firearms you can fit into a ’79 Camaro, who has the stinkiest hiking boots or who will eat the most disgusting bug for $8 and some change. Can’t say that we’ll record the giant rainbow trout sure to be caught among the backdrop of the Rockies, the tears from the one that got away, or the quiet peace of a few friends finally meeting up in person and walking a river together.

You’ll have to come see all that for yourself if you want to hear about it. Or see it. Or experience it.

OK, there may be one video. Two,…max.

But me? You’ll never know I was there. I told you….I’m going to sneak in there, Ninja Style….

I’ve already got my disguise ready…




9 responses

26 01 2011
The Functioning Fishaholics

I’m nominating Owl for event planner for this grand convention. The pig hunt sounds fun and I already have a great idea on how we can turn a hotel hallway into a Trout stream with some spare head cement, hotel sheets, and a little bathwater. Someone else will have to take care of the food and drinks as I’m not sure about the quality of Owl’s “Smokey mountain root beer”.

26 01 2011
Owl Jones

Neither am I ! 🙂

26 01 2011
The River Damsel

Ohh…My first car ~ a ’79 Camaro Z28! Now, that was a sweet ride! (Not an attention getter at all…heehee) You know, if you come with that can around your belly, you won’t be able to sit at the table with me and eat your grits! And I promise to spray my boots, but I’m bringing the baseball cards.

26 01 2011

Why do get the feeling Colorado will never be the same…ever!

26 01 2011
Quill Gordon

It’s been a long time since I was called out, and never from a couple thousand miles away. I won’t be at the gathering in Denver ’cause I’ll be babysitting a bunch of fisherfolk but I’ll tell you what: you come on up here and just try to put a “kick me” sign on my back. I invite you to try.

26 01 2011
Owl Jones


26 01 2011

Well I could have predicted it…Owl picking a fight with a real mountain man.

27 01 2011
Owl Jones

I don’t think he stands a chance once he gets all snookered in by my stealthy ninja-owl maneuver. You’ve seen it right? You saw how that bamboo just stood there and kept quiet! Well,…then…..

27 01 2011

I totally missed this post. I actually kinda like the nickname Tenkara Slave. One of these days I’ll seek emancipation, but for now it’s fitting. At least until I get to put that 3-wt I got for X-Mas through the paces.

As for the rest of the content above, Colorado should be a fun time, even without video evidence. Probably better that way.

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