Signed, Sealed, Delivered…

25 01 2011

An Announcement from some crazy guy that plans our world-wide domination of fly fishing all over the world. Worldwide.

Due to the amount of time I’m putting into FFSBR, the following blogs were abruptly and decisively removed:

OMG It’s Fly Tying!

Blue Ridge Tenkara

Jones Creek Flies

Blue Ridge Photos

Any future content that falls under these categories will be posted here on the main blog, Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge. Thank you for your understanding and for not sending me hate-mail because you now need to go in and edit your blogroll because I changed something around. Again.

The really interesting news is that…are you ready for this? This will unfortunately NOT be the last time something like this happens around here before spring. I had planned to sit on this as long as I could, but I can’t keep a secret. We’re going to move the blog to the url sooner or later. Once that’s done, the fly tying, photos and other stuff will be on the pages of this blog, not separate websites scattered all over the interwebz! Now, if I can just get in touch with my “webmaster genius” to make sure this is still going to happen. ( hint, hint? check your email webmaster genius? 🙂 lol )

Bigger. Better. Stupider. That IS how we are gonna roll.




6 responses

25 01 2011

Cool man! Great to see the progress. Git r dun!

25 01 2011
The River Dansel

Where the heck do you have an order form for the FLIES?????!!! And you did have some pics up before…where did they go? Yep, probably under construction…OK. I will be patient.

25 01 2011
The River Dansel

Oh, WEBMASTER GENIUS!!!! PLEASE help organize this guy asap!!!

25 01 2011

Well, I’m sorry to hear this but I didn’t know how you did it anyway. Tough job running one let alone four.

25 01 2011
Owl Jones

cofisher, hopefully someday I’ll land another “day job” and then all this crazy mass posting would slow down anyway. It’s not sad news though. I’m just going to consolidate everything into FFSBR. I guess the secret’s out though – how do you run 7 websites at a time? Lose your job!
RD, you clicky the picture to talk to me about flies. Or you FB me. Or email. You know how to get me. But do you need more caddis? 🙂 LOL I’m going to start out by just offering the bulletproof caddis pattern I think…

25 01 2011

Good move. Owl Jones should have some URL equity at this point. Some of the others…not so much. I’m telling you bud…save some of that content and make it exclusive on other channels – facebook, twitter, youtube – and develop those channels too. OJ World domination marches on!

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