Roll Cast, 4 feet, tight loop…

25 01 2011

An unusual drive-by post for me, but I wanted to get it out there before I forget to say it for the fifty-third time:

Please spay and neuter your…no, no that wasn’t it…hmmm….

Oh yeah! I remember what it was now…

Top 234 Reasons to Read This Blog


Nah. That wasn’t it either…

While I’m thinking I’ll remind you that if you want to link to an article that you find interesting or funny, make sure you click on that articles’ title before you grab the URL. If you just grab the url from the homepage, by the time your sister-in-law in Albuquerque gets around to coming here to see that funny picture, it could be a post about tippet size or dry fly treatment. So, remember to go to the actual page you want to share before copying that URL. ( You can always use the “share” links from that page that are under each post, too! )

Now, what was it I was wanting to tell you guys….

Let’s just make a list:

  • Go Packers.
  • I think I may be getting the flu.
  • I’ve had enough rain and snow this winter.
  • I’m very much “over” American Idol.
  • I will not be watching President Barack Hussein Obama tonight, because I already know the state of the Union.
  • I need a new T-shirt or three.
  • I have no idea what’s for dinner, but there’s a good chance it’s “something with chicken.”
  • Oprah could find she was related to Elvis or Castro and I still wouldn’t care.
  • I have an increasingly horrible case of Cabin Fever revolving around rainbow trout.
  • It gets dark much too early this time of year.
  • Did I mention I think I may be getting the flu? uggggh.

Yep. I guess that about does it. The sad part is, none of that was what I was going to tell you when I started this post. Roll….that’s how I.


Have a great Tuesday night everyone!




2 responses

25 01 2011
27 01 2011

I’ll bet a 7 ft tenkara would roll cast 4 ft…

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