Where’s Owl?

24 01 2011

While I’m gone, check out the greatest story evar. It’s short, it’s funny and there’s original art work that goes with it. Seriously, this is a story you don’t want to miss…


Oh yeah…..startin’ this week we’ll be giving out an award to the blog that has the best post (according to FFSBR, all results are final) from that thar blogroll thangy-jiggy over thar to th’ right. The list of blogs I enjoy reading continues to grow and competition is sure to be stiff. ( that’s what …oh nevermind…) The award will be a jpeg logo thing you can attach to your blog. Or not. Up to you. We’ll just dole them out and you can do what you like about it. Just a heads up…




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24 01 2011
24 01 2011
Owl Jones

In the running!

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