That’s Hilarious! (Your Funniest Outdoor Shot)

24 01 2011

Alright, we’ve done Hero Shots Gone Wrong over at Skate the Fly, but now I wanna see the very funniest outdoor shot you have! It can be of you, or a friend, or some perfect stranger that ran through camp with a raccoon on his head and his shoes on fire. Send me your funniest photographs and as long as they are PG rated or better, I’ll put together a little post very soon and we can all laugh at each other – or perfect strangers, raccoon, fire… all that jazz. You can email me the photo at owljonesblog at yahoo – or you can simply email me a link on the contact page and I’ll go retrieve it.


My buddy "Biggatrout" and "Lil 'Joe" in silly looking Birthday Bliss.


So dig through those old files folks – and let’s see the funniest outdoor shots you have! It’s winter…what else you gotta do right now? ( Except you, Quill. You keep working. 🙂 )







6 responses

25 01 2011

Hello Mr. Owl, I’ve answered your call for my funniest outdoor photo. All I ask is that you read the story behind it.

My best regards,

Mr. C

25 01 2011
Quill Gordon

The last time I had a photo I thought was funny and showed it around, no one else laughed. Maybe because I said, “Hey, Doc! Check out this picture of you being blown into the rocks while you were untangling your line from your motor!” Some people have no sense of humor.

25 01 2011

Sounds funny to me Quill!

25 01 2011
Owl Jones

Ouch Quill. Did he start throwing rocks? 😉 Thanks for playing coFisher. Apparently this little project isn’t going to get much play. How about everyone send me a photo of yourself in a silly hat? See, Quill is already playing that one! 😉

26 01 2011
Quill Gordon

And now you crack wise about the hat? You come up here and say that!

26 01 2011
Owl Jones

Oh no. I like the hat. I really do. It’s so…..umm……it’s! 🙂

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