One Easy Step to A Ruined Trip…

24 01 2011

So, you may be saying to yourself “What’s with all the false alarms?”

This Owl fellow says he’s going fishing on X day and then boombahlawhambam – there’s a post on his blog. Is he nuts? Well, yes. But that’s not why he can’t seem to keep a date with the river.

I’m at home today because my mildly hyper-manic self couldn’t sleep again last night. I was up tying flies at 3 am. So, when I slithered out of bed this morning it was 10 am and it takes about an hour and a half to get where I wanted to go (Smith’s Creek). Couple that with the short days of winter, and it just doesn’t seem worth it to drive 3 hours to fish for less than 6 hours. So, we’ll try again after the rain goes through. Maybe Thursday or Friday.

As for this post – well, I hope these don’t get too old for you guys, but I wanted to take a post and talk about “stuff.” Like the fact that on Friday we actually broke the “hits” record again. Then, on Sunday we broke it again. That’s three times in as many weeks. So thank you everyone, for keeping up with what’s going on here.

Another “stuff” issue is that today was supposed to be the day I announced our next Give-Away. Unfortunately, after offering us loads of goodies and even a spot at their booth at the Atlanta Fishing Show next month, Rise Fly Rod Company suddenly stopped replying to our emails. I’ll let you know if we hear from them again.

Also, it pains me to say this, but not a single local fly shop around us accepted our invitation to participate in our Give-Away Days. One even mistook the concept for a “link exchange” oddly enough. I can’t imagine how much advertising space you can buy for $50-100 these days (the probable retailers cost on a moderately priced item), but I can imagine it can’t be very much. The Hook & Hackle Give-Away created a “spider-web”, getting links to their online store posted on at least 11 blogs, not counting this one – where they had multiple links posted on several occasions. Not only will that cause an immediate increase in hits to their e-store (some of the blogs who participated have many more readers than we do here), but it will be out there virtually forever via search engines for people to stumble across when looking for Hook & Hackle or rod kits. And FFSBR does get something from the deal too, as we required you to link back to the blog here – but other than that we get nothing, and we asked nothing. Maybe it’s just because I can see how a great Give-Away could spider-web out into viral status that I think it’s such a great idea….but apparently I’m not a good enough salesman to sell the concept to our local shops. That said, I’m going to continue to try and find fly fishing gear to give away, because I think that really adds to the fun of a blog site where most days you get to read the ramblings of some self-absorbed, gear-junkie, wanna-be fly fisher. I’m looking at you Howard. 😉 lol ( RD paid me to write that, I swear. )

And finally, you may have noticed alot of “we” and “our” in this post. That’s because over the weekend, my wife (who goes by Mrs. Owl ) accepted a position as a full partner. After serving as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Head of Shipping for the last three months, she demanded a cut. I told her that she could have half of everything, and she accepted, only to find out later on that night that half of everything we make at FFSBR is nothing.

As you know though,…….nothing is the same around here for long. 😉


Everything changes...




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24 01 2011
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24 01 2011

Quit whining Dawg. You hurt me man, you hurt me bad. Ha!

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