It’s 11PM and we’re all HyPeD uP On sUgAR! BALALALLALALLllaaaahahahalllahaha!

19 01 2011

We’re nothing ( me and Rufus T.) if not strange. This little post is just to tell you that the rod kit contest from Hook & Hackle is closed. And that I had too much sugar and caffeine tonight. And that I have no suitable containers in which to mail flies…puffy envelopes and little ziploc’s will have to do. You guys might have to “poof out” the caddis when you get them if the USPS squishes them too much. Oh, and to see if I’ve got the time thing fixed. And you guys out there that are internet savy could Digg us once in a while, ya know? 🙂 And we’re also not allergic to Stumbleupon, or Facebook. hint. hint.


Obviously, not a fly reel.

Oh –  and to let you know that I bought a reel from “Allen Flyfishing” about two weeks ago because it was a great deal although now I can’t get a reply via Facebook or email from them now. And I have prodded again on their Facebook page, asking Justin ( the owner I assume) if he got my email asking about the reel I was charged for two weeks ago. I’m just saying. Maybe I’ll hear from him today or tomorrow. And I want a piece of that pizza left over from dinner, but I’m going to go to sleep now instead.



This is not pizza, but it could be....




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