Help Us Help You, or something like that…

19 01 2011

Well, the Hook & Hackle Rod Kit Give-Away was so popular, we’re looking for other opportunities to hook up with other companies, individuals, retailers, etc. to increase traffic for everyone. The main point of FFSBR isn’t traffic and it never will be…it’s content. Zany, crazy, and sometimes fly fishing filled content. However, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that the impact of FFSBR has caused me to look at the site as more than just a place for me to bang out a few posts every day. So, when Hook & Hackle offered to hook up with us for a contest, naturally we jumped on it like Troutrageous! on a new tenkara rod!

So, also just as naturally –  after the success of this Give-Away ( we need a snazzy name for that here. Suggestions?), we’re eager to offer fly fishing related entities a shot at the same kind of exposure – and our readers a shot at more free gear. Like the Give-Away coming up we’ve worked out with Rise Fly Rod Co. ( You will be checking back with us on Monday, right? )

So, we’re open to suggestions, collaborations, hook-ups, trade-offs and deals. Our hit-count continues to climb each week and FFSBR’s readers want free swag, yo! Just let me know how we can help you to get the word out and drive traffic to your blog, website, company, etc. Hey, we aim to please.


Ren and Stimpy. Stinky left sock swagmasters.




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