Ya’ll done gone and done it now!

18 01 2011

The following is a post by my buddy Rufus who lives over in Bankhead, Alabama. Rufus has been begging me to do a Guest Post for weeks now. You’ll have to excuse his writing skills – he’s nearly 80 and never had a day of “schoolin” in his life. But he’s full of good intentions and is an old family friend –  and I can’t turn him down forever.


Hey ya’ll. This here is Rufus T. Ole Owl has let me do one of them “Guest Posts” things on his blog and I sure do ‘preciate it. He’s not such a bad guy long as yur willin’ to give him a few funny things to put on this here blog. See, like I told him th’other day he shore did need to throw in a few of them ” whooo weeee’s” and maybe a “yeee haw” every now ‘n then. So far, he ain’t took me up on mah offer, but I know sooner or later ‘ole Owl is gonna come to git in his right mind and take a likin’ to mah suggestions to increasify his readerships.

Anyway, dern Owl made me pinky promise that my very furst post here wood be’bout stuff he done missed last week, mabee. So, youn’s sit back and reelax an ole Rufus T. will git ya’ll yur fill…

Number wun: In case ya’ll done missed it, last week this here website got dern near 420 what they calls “hits.” Thas alot of broke ‘kumputers, but whutever. I guess most of them folks smackin’ them screens when they dun ended up here wuz yankees, so there ya go.

Number two: Today is the last day ya’ll kin git in on th’ contest to win that thar rod kit they’s givin’ away. Some store called Hook & Hackle is just givin stuff away ‘parantly an you got one more day to git yur hand in the pot. I think theys a piktchur over to th’ right of where the words is here that you can hit an’ it will take ya’ll right to the pertnent infurmations. [ I fixed the links for you, Rufus. ~ Owl ]

Number three: There shore wuz a big ‘ole re-sponse ta that thar writin’ about them losers that got lost in th’ hills. You ain’t got no bizness walkin’ ’round up thar in the hills if ya’ll don’t no whut yur doin. A man, or two could get themselves lost up thar in a minnit flat. It don’t take much in them ‘ole rugged ridges to lose yur way and end up shore nuff deader ‘n dead. And freends, that’ll ruin yur day right there, I suwanee it’s th’ truth.

Number fowur: Now this one is mine, ya’ll. Ole Rufus T. done herd there was some big news a’ comin regardin’ sum manner of camp meetin’ or sumthin. An I promise ya’ll I sure wished I knew more ’bout it, but I tell ya’ll th’ truth, I ain’t got nuthin’ mo’ then that to tell you. Is ’bout like them city folks back in a’lanta, durin’ the War of Northeren Agresshun. We’z just waitin’ around fer sumthin’ to happen. We ain’t knowin when it’s goin’ ta happen, but we’re purty sure it’s a’comin. And ya’ll…we’re a’sittin on pins ‘n needlers jest waitin’ for more news to come down the pike.

Wahl, I guess that’s ’bout whut Ole Rufus T. needed ta tell ya’ll. Ain’t no sense in draggin’ it out longer’n it need be. Ole Owl don’t need no competitions in that regard. An if’n I ever figure out how to do them linkin’ things, I shore nuff will dierect ya’ll to sum of them other pages ‘n stuff. Dern computer thangs make mah head swim and I need me a dip ‘o snuff ’bout now ta git mah head right a’gin. Ya’ll take care of ya’selves ‘n don’t ferget ta get outside a bit whenever ya’ll can. They might not be no deer or catfish in heaven, so ya’ll better git a bait of it whilst y’alls able.


Ya’ll go with us, now….

Rufus T.




4 responses

18 01 2011

Love you Rufus, keep in touch!

18 01 2011

Sounds like my kinda guy 😀

18 01 2011
howard (cofisher)

Wahl, I declar Roofus. Ya dun a goodnuf job to tak ol Owl’s place, shornuff. Ya’ll drop by an visit any ol time, hear?

18 01 2011
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