Come Fish With Us!

16 01 2011

While I’ve popped in this morning and decided to hit the blog with one post, I might as well hit it with two, ya know? I mean, I would hate to think that the first one I did might get lonely in here – spending the rest of the weekend all by itself, while everyone else enjoys two more NFL play-off games and eats copious amounts of cheeze-puffs, etc.

So, to keep it company is a reminder post that I’ll probably put up weekly for a month or so, slathered around here and there, about the personal invitation I’m extending to all 643 of you on OBN to come and fish with us this Spring in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park at Cherokee, NC.

The post with all the details can be accessed by clicking the photo of two of my trout bum friends fishing Walker Camp Prong to the right of this post, or by clicking the more boring option HERE.

If you just said to yourself “Hmm…that sounds like it might be interesting…” then you should definitely take a look at THIS.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make  your reservations at the Campground, or in a hotel nearby if you prefer. There’s lots for the family of those who don’t fish(gasp!) to do here as well including a city park on the river, Harrah’s Casino, sight-seeing, hiking, historical attractions(tons of them), tourist-trap type shopping in Cherokee, or Gatlinburg, TN, wildlife watching(bear, deer and newly reintroduced elk are fairly common sights) and more. If wild trout fishing isn’t your thing, there’s smallmouth bass water nearby, and big, fat “delayed harvest” trout water all around – where you have a pretty good chance at hooking into a 20-25 inch trophy trout. ( Cherokee, NC has it’s own trophy water, but IMHO it’s a bit pricey considering all the “DH” water around that provides nearly the same experience, sans the 30 inchers that Cherokee stocks…)

Also nearby are waters home to the Native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout strain, the highest point along the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway( and it’s Southern terminus), and some family-rated whitewater rafting on the Nantahala River. There’s LOTS to do here, and you might want to consider starting your trip on Thursday just to try and get in as much as you can of the area. ( I plan on being in camp on Thursday around noon, FYI )

We’d love to have you visit our beautiful Appalachian backyard, and we’ll try our best to put  you on some fish while you’re here. Or a great trail. Or an elk photo shoot.

More updates and more details about the Park, the fishing and things like the weather as the Camp date gets closer!

Indian Creek, GSMNP (my good friend "Milliam" tries for a brook trout...





3 responses

16 01 2011
Howard (cofisher)

I was going to make a lot of smartowl remarks about fishing with you, but after going HERE, I was too blown away. Beautiful photography and scenery. Spectacular fish! Thanks for taking me along.

16 01 2011
Owl Jones

PS “smartowl remarks” – Now THERE I think you’ve coined something, my friend. Just don’t let my wife get wind of it or that may be circulated into daily use! 🙂 – A Southeastern Fly Fishing Internet Hub!

16 01 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks Howard! The mountains here aren’t big by western standards, but they sure are pretty. 🙂

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