Aren’t you supposed to be…

16 01 2011

Yes. Yes I am. But as many of my trips have gone over the last, oh say six months – the one this weekend has been postponed due to hevy snow drifts covering the pull-outs of the creek I want to fish. I got word on Sat. that unless I brought my own snow-plow there wouldn’t be anywhere to park. NC has gotten ALOT of snow this year.

Then, the Falcons lost. 😦

But my Packers beat them. 🙂

But I was still hoping the Falcons would go all the way this year. 😦

But I’m going to tie flies again today. 🙂

So anyway….enough of that. I just wanted to pop in here this morning real quick like and direct your attention to fellow blogger coFisher’s post about “Women, Guns, Fly Rods and Cars.” OK, it’s only about one of those things, but you’ll thank me when you get there. The post already has about 20 comments and it’s hot-hot-hot!

And now, this:




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