14 01 2011

Hello and welcome to another exciting day here at FFSBR. We’ve got big, big news: We’ve totally lost our minds! Proof of that is that I’m constantly typing “we” even though there’s no one here but me! whee! How crazy is that!? I’ll tell you how crazy that is – that’s FRIDAY FISH-STICKS CRAZY!

Oh yes. It's that kind of crazy.

Each week from now on, we’re going to do something extra silly here on Fridays. Why, you ask? Well, let me ask you something…

Don’t you have enough serious stuff going on in your life? Bills, family stuff, friends that never call, fish that won’t take that #12 Stimulator just because it’s covered in rock snot. I mean, it’s enough to make anyone wish for a little silly, we think. (we?….just go with it I guess.) So, that silly factor that you need that could help you to kick-start your weekend away from work and all those frustrations…We can help with that!

So sit back ( or stand up or lie down if you like ) and let the first ever edition of FRIDAY FISH-STICKS thaw out before you….


Lately, I’ve been thinking alot about whether or not to share this with you. Even though it’s FishSticks Friday, if I show you what makes me giggle like a little girl I guess I could lose some readers. Then again, worrying about people thinking I’m totally nuts has never stopped me before. So I guess I’ll share with you guys my personal “pick-me-up” and something that most of my family and friends just don’t understand. It’s where I go when I’m feeling really low. ( I did a rhyme. Ten extra points for me.)

Over the last year and a half it’s helped me to hang on to both my sanity and my ( at least ) semi-positive outlook on…well, just about everything! Sometimes, I laugh until I literally cry. I mean it. Real tears. And my considerably sized jaws start to ache. But it feels good to laugh that hard when you’re stressed out or things aren’t going well. What is this magic elixir you ask? I could tell you, but I’d MUCH rather SHOW YOU!

Oh c’mon people. That’s funny. It’s not Monday – lighten up! You’re going to make me try harder aren’t you? You think I enjoy doing this? You think I like trying to bring a little humor into your day – every day, week after week after week? You do? Yeah, well. Ok. You got me.

So take this ->

(You can turn off the, umm…”music” once the “fish porn” starts, esp. if you have kids in the room…)



Last but not least, a little necessary business now that I’ve got you into that Friday-good-mood-feeling! You see, I have this friend..yeah, this friend see…and he has this facebook page and…well, just take a look at the sad little screen snip below. I think you’ll understand his dilemma. And maybe why his face looks that way…


If you can help us out, please find the Facebook link on the right side of FFSBR and click "Like!"


* Thank you once again, OBN (Rebecca and Joe!) for being on top of your game!




10 responses

14 01 2011

OMG, I am LOVING Friday Fish-Sticks!!! Thank you ALL!!!! 😉

14 01 2011
Owl Jones

Hahaha – You’ve got the idea! “We’re” so glad you like it! 🙂

14 01 2011

For future reference, I took my fish sticks while seated. And I’ll take Mrs. Johnson while prone! (sorry lady readers)

Oh, and there was some sweet topwater action in that vid.

14 01 2011
Owl Jones

I couldn’t tell if some of those explosions were baby tarpon or redfish or what?! Once the …errmm…”music” was off, I enjoyed the fish video part very much. I didn’t laugh as much as I did with the beginning, but then that’s probably a good thing. Does that mean I’m actually sane? I dunno. 🙂

14 01 2011
Owl Jones

[Editors Note]: I added a piggy. That is all.

14 01 2011

(If you don’t recognize the fly shop) This video comes to us from St. Petes Fly shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. The only shop in the west where a river report comes packaged as: “Oh… Dude… Da rivers fishin awesome”! Can’t speak to their guiding strengths, but the coffee pot is always hot!

15 01 2011
Nate - Fishing In Pa

Lol cats are hilarious! I eated a butter…

Good stuff Owl!

15 01 2011
Howard (cofisher)

Great idea Owlman. Help me think of a clever name. (no you don’t win anything!)

16 01 2011
The River Damsel

Ok…enough is enough!!! I can play this game too…Is Sunday taken yet??? I will start…ugh…next week. “Sunday Tippets”, Damsel style. Check your local listings… ; )

16 01 2011
Owl Jones

Hey – you know, that’s not a bad idea. We could have a little “blog ring” of bloggers who each have something special on their given day!

Sunday Sprites. Nah, wait. that sounds like an ad for soda. 😉 ( That’s what you call it right? Soda? Down here, as you may know, it’s not “soda”, ….everything is a “coke.” ) – A Southeastern Fly Fishing Internet Hub!

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