How Big is a Tenkara Rod?

13 01 2011

So, I’m having this online pen-pal type of thing with ‘ole River Damsel and I gotta tell you that it’s getting pretty serious. I mean, just the other day she did something that most women fly fishers I know ( both of them ) would NEVER do. It was pretty exciting…she invited me to fish her favorite river with her, the Madison. I think her exact words were “Come on out here and see for yourself!”

Well, let me tell you if that doesn’t get a fellow fly-fisher’s heart doing flips, I don’t know what would. Especially after she wrote up that great post about the “Maddy” the other day!

Then, today she requests a close up shot of my tenkara rod. Do you really think I could turn her down, after she invites me out to fish her home water? No way! As a matter of fact, I’ve tried in my own humble way, to go above and beyond for RD. Here’s a set of photos of the tenkara rod along side other items you may or may not recognize. The last few are just of the last section of rod, to show how teeny-tiny the tip-top section is, and how easily it might be snapped off if you’re not really careful while rigging it.

If there’s one thing I’ll jump through hoops for, it’s a good friend. If there’s two things, it’s a good friend who invites me to fish her home river. 🙂 So, I present to you RD, and the other three followers….

A tenkara rod comparison slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




8 responses

13 01 2011
Quill Gordon

Ever since I wrote my piece on hand-crafted tenkara rods I have had some of the most interesting search engine referrals, most including the words “pleasure” and “rod”. This one should score high with those same folks. I’m not even going to touch “banana and little string thing”

(I’m having a special on Free Snow if you’re interested.)

13 01 2011
Owl Jones

Gulp! I’d reply, Quill…..but I’m afraid of what I might unintentionally say, now! lol 🙂

13 01 2011

Cool man! I just got my tenkara rod today and I still cannot believe how tiny and light it is compared to the big surf rods I’m used to using.

About that Gibson – I am very jealous. I’ve always wanted a Gibson flat top and just never have found the one I want. Do you play?

13 01 2011
Owl Jones

JM, I used to play a very, VERY little. That Gibson is my Dad’s and we’ve had it confirmed by them as a 1950 model. It’s a little “used” but that doesn’t hurt the value too much. When I was a kid, ( he died when I was 13) he used to play and sing Folsom Prison Blues on it. I sure do miss him, and losing my step-dad a year ago come Feb. stung nearly as much. Anyway, the sad thing is that if times get too bad around here, we might have to sell it to pay the mortgage or the car payment. I hope it doesn’t come to that, though…it would be hard to let it go.

14 01 2011

Yes, what is that red wormie thing on the end of the rod or is that the butt? LOL!!! I heard about this type of fishing from ex-inlaw that lives in Japan. great video…

14 01 2011
Owl Jones

It’s called a “lillian” – not sure if I have the spelling right. It’s where you attach the leader and the method works pretty well, but don’t ask me to describe it! 🙂 I’m not sure why they are made this way, and don’t just put a little tip-top on the end of the rod. Maybe this keeps the weight down, as the rod is already a little bit tip-heavy IMHO.

14 01 2011
Tom Sadler

Owl, your awesomeness know no bounds! This post is going in my tenkara reference guide!

18 01 2011
Jason Klass

Very cool post. It’s good for people to see how Tenkara compares to things in everyday life. Great reference!

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