Is “Rodney” real?

12 01 2011

The absurdity of a fish attending a fly fishing show was not lost on me, until I stumbled upon a series of photographs that appear to validate the claim!

I was sure…absolutely sure, that ‘ole Howard over at Wind Knots and Tangled Lines was just pulling our legs when he first posted about this “Rodney” in his “What the Fish Said ” blog article, but now I’m not so sure.  I’m not so sure he wasn’t just playing it safe by making it seem like a humorous fish tale to keep umm…”Rodney” off his tail after he slipped out of the show.

Perhaps ‘ole Howard was actually crying out for help, hiding under his desk, blindly blogging about the experience while hoping that the FBI or CIA would read it and find this mad-fly-show-going-fish before he found Howard and made him pay for exposing his cover!? Or, like we’re all thinking….”Rodney” is just a funny story that makes for good reading. You can think that if you want I guess…

…but these shocking photos say otherwise! Behold!…

A recent "Pro-Fishing" Rally...who's that in the bushes?!


A suspicious photo from 2003 or so...

My wife took this one ( she takes horrible photos) when we were at lunch at a fly fishing show near home...

Something, ....or the water watching me?



As you can clearly see from these photos, I’m not so sure that this Rodney fellow hasn’t been snooping around fly fishing and it’s related events for years. The real question is this: Is there just one Rodney out there? I think that thought is enough to keep most of us awake at night. Who knows what this guy might do? He could snap and start spitting split-shot back at us…or worse! He could learn to tie our lines around rocks and trees and we’d stay stuck twice as much as we already do! And if this Rodney – or these Rodney’s – ever figure out how to harness the power of the river and send a “fly and dropper” rig hurtling through the air back at us….well, all I can tell you is you’d better not forget your fishing glasses on that day!

This post would be longer, but I’ve got to figure out the name of whatever support group Howard is in and see if they have room for one more member. Hopefully, if I can find where they meet, it won’t be run by anyone named….Rodney!?




7 responses

12 01 2011
Nate - Fishing In Pa

That Rodney fish is starting to freak me out… He’s coming for each and every one of us!

12 01 2011
Howard (cofisher)

I’m speechless! This is getting a little freaky.

12 01 2011
Owl Jones

Me too! Speechless! Did you see those pictures!? I swear in one of them it looks like that thing might have a Ruger under his right fin!?

12 01 2011

Owl has reclaimed his title.

12 01 2011
Owl Jones

HA! Take that! 🙂

12 01 2011
The River Damsel

And to think that I wanted to go fishing with you two funny bunnies!!! I’d rather go fishing with Rodney…(he can at least tell me where his family hangs out!) And I don’t think it’s at the lunch table…if you get my drift…

12 01 2011
The River Damsel

Nope, after much thought…I have come to a different conclusion…check out Howard’s post…you both have been fooled!

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