This Tenkara thing…not bad.

7 01 2011

Alright, alright I know you thought this was going to be the tenkara review you’ve been waiting for – and that I’ve been dying to give you, and it will be out soon, very soon. I’ve got a companion video that goes with it and that’s the hold up. Apparently, Windows Movie Maker is being temperamental today, and it’s holdin’ up progress. As soon as I can get the bugs worked out of it, I’ll give you the video ( in beautiful, stunning 720p HD and 60 frames per second) and the review. I did catch two trout, one and a half of them on camera. Also, I had a fist fight with a tree. Twice.

Additionally, I am very fat. So, if you have a weak stomach you may want to just read the review. I’m working on the fat thing as we speak, ( ok, well not actually as I’m writing this, but I started working out today for the first time in years) and I hope to be down to a more reasonable size by the time the…..errr….by the time summer is here.

So, whatever you do – stay tuned. There’s a pretty trout, a cool tenkara rod, some mentions of other bloggers, and a cameo appearance by one of Georgia’s most famous trees. ( Yes, really – would I kid you? No, I would not! )

Well…………….back to work….




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7 01 2011

The 720p 60fps is a tough beast to master. Then I found out youtube downgrades it to 30fps automatically….

Not sure what Vimeo does, but if they are similar I won’t waste my time with 60fps.

7 01 2011
The River Damsel

Errr….summer is a good goal! ; ) Sorry…I ordered a pastrami/swiss with the sammieholder thing for ya…I’m not much help, am I??? Just 30 min more on that workout should take care of it though.

7 01 2011
Owl Jones

Whew. So this is what sweat looks like. hmm…

Clif, I dunno what they do to it, but it looks mighty fine blown up to full screen on my laptop. ??? I like Viemo better, but apparently WordPress’ free service only let’s you upload from youtube and a couple of others, not Viemo. Veimo. whatever it is.

Also, I mean to write that if anyone knows of an alternate to Windows Movie Maker for PC users, please point me that way. Between the crashing and the supposed file corruption( that’s always a false alarm and works eventually) and other stuff it’s driving me crazy. 🙂

But it is finished now…you wanna see it? 🙂

8 01 2011

I think you have a Kodak Playsport, which is the same as me. It comes with a free copy of their video editing software (I forget the name) and I tried it once. The software isn’t shipped with the camera, somewhere in the instructions you’ll find a link to go download it.

It takes some getting used to because the user interface is quite different from Movie Maker, but I was pleased with the results and will continue to use it. It was still pretty slow with the HD video, but I think that is because the files are WAY BIG (like way over 1GB).

You can see my first video with that camera and software here. There you will also see what it looks like after Youtube converts it to 30fps – still pretty good so I’ll shoot with that setting from now on and reduce the file size by half.

If I remember correctly, which I often do not, the software comes with drivers to make it look even better on your screen. So if you decide against the editing software, you should still go download it.

8 01 2011

Oh, I almost forgot. The nemesis has a playsport too so he’ll inevitably chime in with some advice you can ignore.

7 01 2011

I’m a fan of famous trees. Can’t wait to see it.

8 01 2011
The River Damsel

Haha, Clif! Very nice.

8 01 2011
Owl Jones

Clif, I have a Sony laptop and already have the Arcsoft stuff on here. It runs the webcam and such. I’ll look into using that to play the video or whatever.
I just got the thing for Christmas and haven’t really had a chance to use it much but this spring I’m hoping to get alot of underwater trout shots. 🙂

Thank you for all the advice/help on it. It’s really cool that you guys have already been working with them! 🙂

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