It’s Official…We’re Now Giving Stuff Away…

6 01 2011

Hello my fly fishin’ peeps!

As you may already have heard, over at OMG It’s Fly Tying! we’re giving away a few trout flies. 13 of ’em to be exact, all for a mere 8 words or less about why you deserve them. That constest ends….well, tomorrow.

As you may have also heard, I’m a big fan of honest, decent, ethical business practices and I recently posted a  short and sweet “shout out” to a little company you may have heard of called Hook & Hackle. I also sent them a note to let them know how grateful I was as a fly tyer and incorrigible consumer of fly tying and fly fishing gear ( to my wife’s dismay ) that they would include a page devoted to telling new tiers that they did not, in fact, need to buy every vise, tool, tinsel and bead they saw for sale to start tying. ( What I would have given for that advice some 15 years ago!) I’m sure most of us would not believe the number of fly shops where that kind of talk would get an employee fired. And this was not just an employee giving new tiers the heads-up; this was management and owners. So, my hat was off to them and I thought they should know about it. After all, I do have three followers and that must be worth something, right? As always, I’m kidding…

I have at the very least four followers, (counting my dear mother who gets bored with retirement and the local newspaper) and so in fact it’s probably not worth very much after all.

Luckily for you, Hook & Hackle didn’t see it that way. Apparently, they were in some sort of fly fishing induced, over-worked stupor and wrote back to me saying the following:

“Russ, Eric, Terry and I would like to say thanks for the endorsement.  We work as hard as we can to get it right for our customers … and to promote the good sport of fly fishing and all that it encompasses.

If you want to consider doing an essay contest titled something like, “why I am worthy of a free Hook & Hackle “Xi” 7’9” 4-piece 3 weight rod building kit” on your blogs, which would be perfect for those native brookies in your backyard, let me know.

Ron “

Well, Hook & Hackle, I’ve thought about it long and hard and, sadly –  we’re going to have to decline the offer.

Our readers could care less about recieving a brand new, “Xi” 7’9″ 4-piece 3 wt rod building kit from one of the biggest and most respected fly shops in America. I’m not even sure my four followers are fly fishers( My dear mother is not.) I think they may just come for the cookie photos or just to watch the occasional train-wreck that is FFSBR.  No, no it’s just not something we’re interested in here at….

You guys know I’m pulling your hip boots, right?

The contest will kick off next week, wherein Hook and Hackle and FFSBR have teamed up to bring you this amazing and totally w00t-worthy offer. You write a essay on your blog about why you deserve the Xi rod kit and the guys at will pick a winner. Based on what, I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine and that makes it even more fun and interesting if you ask me. By the way, this isn’t some low-grade noodle. This is a medium/fast blank with all the fix’ins.

If you want to see what you’re scrambling to hold in your fishy little fly fisherman (or fisherwoman) hands, just check out the image below which I’ve stolen from their website. (Shhhh…don’t tell.)


The Kit. Click to see it on their site.

More details and complete “must-be-obeyed-to-qualify” rules will be posted when the contest is kicked-off on Monday, the 10th of January.

In the mean time, you should open a new tab or window and check out Hook & Hackle’s online store and website, which has just about everything a fly fisher or fly tyer could ever want. Not that you have to buy it all. So say the honest, ethical and super-generous folks running the show there. (But I’m sure they’d love it if you bought something and bookmarked them for future reference… )

In closing this sneak-peak post about the upcoming contest, I want to share with you one last endorsement of Hook & Hackle, because of their excellent prices, inventory and that page I mentioned at the beginning of this thing( not because they decided to offer the rod kit, just to be clear):

I’ve been online and looking for fly fishing stuff for about 13 years now, around fly fishing websites for about that long, too – and a fly gear addict for about 21 years now and for the last couple of years I’ve had exactly two “fly shops” bookmarked in my favorites. One is a local shop in Townsend Tn. just outside the GSMNP that is on my way into the TN side of that area.

The other,…….. is

I’ve bought plenty of stuff from them over the years, and when I wanted to splurge a few years back and pick up a Dyna-King Barracuda vise, I got it from them. Why? Price? Free shipping? A free hat pin? Well, no. Because back then Dyna King vises were pretty new still and everyone’s price was the same it wasn’t a matter of price or some special offer or anything like that. It was service and helpful people that made me want to buy it from them.

Isn’t that kind of thing worth more now than it ever has been? I think so.

Anyway, keep an eye on FFSBR where next week we’ll be giving away a new Honda Insight, a snowmobile ridden by Sarah Palin’s maid and a lifetime supply of nose-muffs.

Really? No, silly. Not really. ( You were excited about the nose-muffs weren’t you?)

Tight Lines – Fat Trout,





8 responses

6 01 2011

That’s awesome man! I like their selection of gear. I might even try to write that essay , but I guess I’ll have to avoid mentioning that you suggested I could use a fly rod to roast hot dogs at a bonfire on the beach. Love it Owl , keep up the good work!

6 01 2011

BTW , have you tried your Tenkara rod? I’m waiting on a report from you about it before I get one.

6 01 2011
Owl Jones

JM, I think today might be the day. let you know. 🙂

6 01 2011
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6 01 2011
Owl Jones

Hey JM. I did fish the tenkara today. Video coming soon. I liked it. I didn’t loooooooove it. But, then again I was fishing what is probably the poorest excuse for a trout stream in the whole state. Next week I hope to go to NC to a river that’s full of fish( and clear and not high, hopefully) and give it a better work out. Both fish today were about 14 inches and it seemed to do fine with them. i’ve got alot of editing to do.

7 01 2011

Cool man. I’d like to get my hands on one before I spend that kind of money. Do you know if there are any brick and mortar stores that carry them?

7 01 2011
Owl Jones

There are only two places that sell them that I know of…one is and the other is

The latter one, the Fountainhead rod, was recently reviewed by Mike at Troutrageous! and he gave it pretty high marks for a $40 rod.

7 01 2011
d nash

I plan on giving this my best shot. “Why I am worthy” is a pretty intimidating phrase. I rarely feel worthy of anything besides breakfast and an occasional shower.

Thanks for sharing Hook and Hackle.

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