Free flies. Get your hot, fresh, free flies…

4 01 2011

Over at OMG It’s Fly Tying! we’re giving away a baker’s dozen to the best reply under 8 words or less. Win ’em, use ’em, and rate ’em. That’s all we ask….but you should run on over there and get in on it. It’s a limited time offer. How limited? Very.

The Contest ends this Friday.

But wait, this is FFSBR – so there’s always more! Blog about my free fly give-away over at OMG It’s Fly Tying! and get your hat in the ring for another baker’s dozen set of #14 brown or grizzly elk hair caddis!

Just post up the blurb on your blog, come back here and let me know in the comments section and you could be holding those pretty little flies in your fishy-smellin’ hands by Feb. 1st. (or maybe sooner!) If you have the best reply over there in 8 words or less, and happen to be the lucky winner here – that’s 26 custom tied flies for nuthin’. Not a bad way to start 2011, is it?

Hey, it works for OBN! 🙂

Let’s get this party started!


Free flies, no way!!!! ( *Yes way.)


[PS – just wanting to be clear…these aren’t flies I picked up in Walmart tied in Bangladesh. No sir. These are quality tied flies from my own tying bench. That may or may not matter, I guess…but just to be sure we’re all on the same page….]




9 responses

6 01 2011

Gave you a shout out over on Something’s Fishy , this is way cool man!

Check it out :

7 01 2011
Owl Jones

JM, you didnt’ win a set over at OMG, but since you were the ONLY blogger to post up anything about it and report back here, you’ll be getting a free Baker’s Dozen too!

Just send me an email with your address and I’ll get them all out to you winner-folk next week!

Thanks man! What a great big honkin nice pimpin’ of my blogs! 🙂 I appreciate it very much!

8 01 2011

Awesome man! Thanks for running the contest! I don’t mind pimpin your blog at all , we’ve been helping each other almost since I started blogging. Happy birthday dude!

8 01 2011
Owl Jones

Thanks JM!

8 01 2011

You know I’m going to be forced to either a) Use a fly rod or b) Buy a Tenkara rod ? *shudders*

Either way , I’ll break out my bucktail vice and try to get a few pictures and give you a good review and some more pimpin’ !

8 01 2011
Owl Jones

OH now. Let’ shoot for an honest review. If they stink, I want you to say so. It’s about getting the flies out there, sure…but it’s also about helping me to figure out if they’re as good as I think they are(in the eyes and fishing hands of others), and doing something for the followers.

thanks man!

8 01 2011

HA , I’ll certainly be honest! What I meant by a good review is I’ll try to write a bit more than ” Try Owl’s flies , they’re purdy “.

I’m excited to be honest! I think I’ve only caught maybe one or two fish on a fly my entire life.

8 01 2011
Owl Jones

I was hoping that didn’t come off sounding like that. I didn’t mean you necessarily wouldn’t be! 🙂 sorry about that!

8 01 2011

NONONONo , I didn’t take it that way at all man – no worries!

I’m an easy going dude , you don’t have to worry about me taking offense to stuff like that! I knew what you meant and don’t worry I’ll do your review right!

I’m so excited about the flies and the rod I ordered this morning I can’t hardly sit still.

Cabin fever sucks!

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