My Own Story: “What do I Really Want from This Life?”

3 01 2011

Senior Year, 1988. Crooked tie. An omen, perhaps?

I’m not going to get very in-depth here. It would take too long and there’s no way my thoughts on the matter could even begin to be as interesting or as moving as Dave Maas’ post about it. So, I’m just going to quickly run through it, Owl style…the same way I put up a tent after a weekend camping trip…I just smush all the poles, stakes and anything else left inside it into a crumpled, hulking ball and shove it into the bed of the truck, covered by something heavy – usually a Coleman stove, and drive home….so goes this post…

Things I have always wanted that have happened to me, either by my own doing, or by being blessed by God( although totally unworthy) and other things (unchecked) that I have yet to achieve:

  • Find someone that I love with all my heart, marry her, and live happily ever after. Check.
  • Learn to fly fish and catch trout with a fly rod and flies. Check.
  • Have a good job, a nice home and provide for my wife. Check. At least, at one time this was true…
  • Figure out who I am and why I am here. Check. Finally. (All I had to do was admit it to myself.)
  • Make people laugh and think, sometimes at the same time. Check. ( I wondered about this one before listing it, but people have told me so, so I included it, although it’s a bit “toot my own horn”-ish.
  • Make my mother proud of me. ( I think she is, but she loves me very much, so I’m pretty sure she’d say she was no matter what. 😉 )
  • Do something important with my life.
  • Be that “good and faithful servant” I’ve read about. ( I am unfortunately not.)
  • Be happy no matter what, and learn to react positively to adversity, which I do not always do. I’m human. Give me a break.
  • Learn to shut up. ( AKA: learn that I do not always have to reply in defiance or enlightenment each time I see a thought written or hear words spoken that seem to cry out for reprimand. I do not always have to be the dragon slayer. I keep telling myself that.
  • To visit the American northwest. To fish in it’s waters and capture it’s beauty in photographs.
  • To be a better friend to my friends, and a civil yet worthy adversary to my enemies.
  • To write things that people will not only want to read, but that will touch their hearts in some way.
  • To be a better husband to that wife that I was so blessed to meet and marry.

I could probably go on. I know I could. I won’t. But I did want to contribute to the thoughts and process that Dave inspired by sharing his story. So I did. And we move on……


Fly rods. I love them.




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3 01 2011
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4 01 2011

This post made me think and laugh so check for you on that. Pacific Northwest, I’m with you there. It is high on my list. -stephanie

6 01 2011
The River Damsel

Alrighty then! I found the “kiss the flyrods” picture…I’m guessing that behavior wouldn’t surprise any of the neighbors… : )

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