If I’d known all this…

2 01 2011

If I’d known all this, I’d have started blogging years ago. Sensible people, outrageous characters, real outdoorsmen and women, talented fly tiers, amazingly clever writers, outstanding photographers, and some of the most incredibly hilarious stories I’ve ever read! Why didn’t someone tell me about this blogging thing before this?

I spent a decade or more perusing forums and message boards looking for this kind of thing and almost never found it. What I did find was minor excerpts of the sportsman’s life but in condensed form; witty comments which were all too often biting and cold as well, mediocre photography (including some of my own, no doubt) , and the ever present “troll” whose only goal was to see how much folly and angst could be created for the soul purpose of creating folly and angst. No doubt there were more than a few arguments that I had a hand in over those years that turned into fodder for such people, but never did I intentionally post a thought or comment designed to simply start a free-for-all-flame-fest type of discussion.

But this blogging thing? This ability to express whole concepts and visions with more than just a few sentences – and in a somewhat elegant form (thank you WordPress and Blogger)… and be given the time to completely hash-out the thoughts that rattle around in this old head without someone interjecting a cry of “FOUL!” until I can get it all out – well, that’s almost worth the process of setting up and running a blog right there. The “comments” format does leave much to be desired since packing a complete reply to some lengthy article in a comment box often times (depending on the blog layout) results in a foot long, skinny post that’s sometimes hard to read and at best, mildly annoying. However, as fisherfolks who are known to put up with lazy casting, imperfect knots, decent trout stretched by our angling buddies into absolute monsters on the way home, and least of all leaky waders, …we know that nothing’s perfect. I suppose that applies to the online world as well.

Anyhoot, the reason for this somewhat reflective post is that today I got an email from a fellow OBN blogger. I’m going to call this blogger, after much internal debate, “Skylar.” Skylar is the name of a good friend’s kid, it’s a cool name, and it’s not the name of the blogger who emailed me. So, there you go.

Sklyar sent me a pep-talk. They were very encouraging words, and I appreciated them very, very much. I’d tell you who Skylar is, but then I don’t think they’d want me to and the conversation was very personal in nature. It was also very, very kind of them to share with me their own struggles and advice for how to cope with those times in life when our troubles can seem overwhelming.

Sklyar and I are developing quite the long-distance friendship over the blogosphere and he/she apparently has one of those seldom seen “big hearts” that is so uncommon in our fast-paced, dog-eat-dog-and-then-some world. Sklyar was worried about what he/she wanted to say, or I should say, more appropriately about how I would react to the advice and consolation.

You might think that the people reading your blog are just there because they’re bored or because you post idiotic photos of yourself. Ahem……some people no doubt are. But this blogging thing…it’s teaching me what many people already know I suppose….that from a few simple replies, thoughtful and complex people can become good friends from anwhere – to anywhere in the world.

What an amazing thing, this blogging.

And you can even share with the world your first fish of 2011, or your dreams for the new year, or talk about real Hope.

So thank you, blogging…………………..and thank you, too “Skylar.” You’ve brought a smile to my face today, and on some days lately,  that’s no small accomplishment.




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