Hook & Hackle, A Rare Breed…

1 01 2011

I probably shouldn’t be cross-posting this on FFSBR and OMG It’s Fly Tying! since I know some of you run both sites in your blogrolls, but I wanted to make sure it was seen by as many folks as possible. I feel that strongly about good, honest customer service and business ethics and it’s so rare to run into something like this. I don’t know how many times this last year I’ve spend hard-eared money on a product from Lowe’s or Walmart or Home Depot or Best Buy….just to get it home and realize that it was a “return” that they repackaged and sold to me as new. NOTHING burns me up more than stuff like that. So anyway….here’s my double-posted-shout-out to Hook & Hackle…because they deserve both of them for telling it like it is….

Just got my 2011 Hook & Hackle catalog today and I wanted to give them a little shout out and a big “atta boy” for their page long write up just ahead of the fly tying section. They do the unthinkable for today’s world and come right out and tell every one of their potential customers that they do not, in fact need every single, solitary, fly tying tool, feather, hair, and gadget in the next X number of pages of their catalog. Honesty. It’s so very hard to find these days, and I treasure it so much when I do find it.

In addition to this rare heaping helping of honesty by a retailer in any arena, they also have some darn nice stuff for some pretty good prices. That’s not to say that they are always the cheapest on everything, or that they have everything you could ever want ( what? no tenkara rods?) but if they’re that willing to be honest about their merchandise in this economy then they deserve at least some of my business just for that alone.

So, I think I’ll order the extender base for my Peak Rotary for them( which they sell for almost $14 cheaper than anyone else I’ve seen) and also a couple of Whiting 100 packs of Medium Blue Dun for those BWO emergers my friend Milliam developed a few years back. It’s the least I can do – and besides…..it’s always good to help out the little guy.

So hat’s off to Hook & Hackle for not trying to sell one of everything you have to every fly tyer out there. I think in the long run, people will appreciate and respect you for it. I know I do.


PS – look for a theme change here at FFSBR soon. I just can’t deal with the links not being a better color, and when I try to edit them to be blue or red or whatever, it never takes. It’s always somethin’…..




2 responses

3 01 2011

Dustin is a big fan of Hook & Hackle as well. -stephanie

3 01 2011
Owl Jones

Hi Stephanie! I usually flop around between them, Cabela’s (even though I’m less than an hour from an actual brick-n-mortar Bass Pro Shops) and J. Stockard, just depending on who has the best deal on whatever it is I need. 🙂

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