Who is (actually it’s Peter) A Swanson, and why does he hate me?

31 12 2010

Well, it was bound to happen – and maybe you saw it first hand. My first spam post. Actually, it was less spam and more hate-mail, but whatever – it’s all the same…just useless drivel from some poor soul who must be terribly unhappy with his own life. At least, that’s the only reason I can come up with. I know, I know…I fully realize that you either “love me” or “hate me.” I wear my feelings on my sleeve, always speak my mind(well, almost always), love my liberty(what’s left of it), have strong political beliefs, consider my faith in God inseparable (yet never perfect) from everything else I do…..so I’ve got alot going for me there – or alot to hate, depending on what kind of person you are, I guess.

So, tonight just as I was rambling on about the “good old days” on the internet, forums I’ve been banned from, people who’d rather spit in my face than just agree to disagree….I got a lovely email from an IP address and gmail account that led to a “Peter A. Swanson” who apparently lives in some yankee town up north. Michigan, Minnesota……something like that. He was apparently upset that my fly tying site “OMG It’s Fly Tying!” wasn’t up to his standards. He spewed out something that sounded like ” Hey, you’re tinkling with malice on the history of fly tying….”

Maybe I’m just that clueless. I have no idea what he’s talking about. Or, maybe he’s upset that I’ve got plans. Or that my mother loves me. Or that his doesn’t love him. I have no way to know, because as far as I know I’ve never met Mr. Swanson – although another message of his leads me to believe that he does indeed know me from the internet. Maybe we should meet up on Match.com sometime? ( yeah, right! 🙂 )

So anyway, that got me to thinking……how do you handle rude comments as a blogger? It may seem like I know what I’m doing, but I’ve only really been blogging a couple of months and I’d like to hear how you veteran bloggers handle your hate-mail. That is, if you get any hate-mail. I don’t think I’ve posted anything ( or tied any flies, no matter how imperfect) that would require a response akin to what Mr. Swanson gave me tonight. ( OK, except maybe that one about me crashing a whole website with a post someone didn’t like…:) )

So how do you do it? Do you just delete it? Mark is as spam? Do you ever post it and reply? Is that a fool’s folly? Should I just say that his email is lawdog@gmail.com and he likes junk emails so please sign him up for as much junk as you can? I really don’t know what to do when someone nuts up like that? ( Tonight, I simply deleted his comments and marked them as spam…)

I’m sure it’s not the last hate-mail I’ll get, no matter how open and friendly and helpful I try to be around the ‘net. For whatever reason, that “love me” or “hate me” thing has been with me a long time and I don’t see it changing in the future….




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31 12 2010
Quill Gordon

… “tinkling with malice”? I like that but “tinkling” seems a little tame, even if it is done with “malice”. Tinkling? Perhaps someone is not allowed to stand up in his own bathroom?

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Ah, actually that was my “version” of what was said. He basically said my flies were ..umm…crap and no one would buy them. He could be right, but there was no reason to be so nasty about it. I’m a pretty polite person most of the time, and I expect that of others unless we’re not seeing eye to eye and the feathers are flying! 😉 LOL

31 12 2010

Could just be he was meaning to say that he got so mad, he had an accident. Gotta watch out for that apple juice!

31 12 2010

Oh wow! I don’t let junk like that bother me , but he sure sounds like an idiot.

I guess maybe he’s a purist and only believes in tying the tried and tested flies used by the British over the last two centuries in the same boring old colors.

I for one like your flies man! I might order some if I ever decide to use a fly rod for anything.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

You could always use a short one as a hot dog stick if you ever make a fire on the beach. Do they allow that? Shows you what I know about the ocean. 🙂
Thanks JM!

31 12 2010
Ken Gortowski

The best bet is to ignore it. History shows I’m not good at that, but I’m learning. Responding generally gets you nowhere. But it could be fun.
A friend is one of those people that you either like or not. He has a much higher profile than I’ll ever have. Asked him what you’re asking. He responds, but is very polite . . . Thank you for your comments, I appreciate what you’re saying . . .

He claims it’s basically a polite way to tell someone to go screw themselves. It shuts down the conversation. Another writer up this way once told me when confronted with adversaries . . . The hell with the naysayers, you’re doing the right thing.

I go with what he said.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate what you’re saying….

😉 Thanks Ken. Just kiddin’ ya. That’s good advice..

31 12 2010

Wow. I hate you and don’t even waste my time writing spam comments. 🙂

I actually just let them go through. Everyone has a right to their opinion. As long as they don’t have 4-letter words or link to porn sites based in the Philippines. Links to Thai websites are fine though.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

His did. Very nasty emails. Uncalled for venom. Thanks Mike.

31 12 2010

Yes, this is still America and yes, people still have the right to their opinion. I would make a very clever, snarky remark about his mother…then ban him so he can’t respond.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Is there a way to “ban” someone. I saw the IP addy and email here on the dashboard. this WordPress thing is still really new to me. And yes, he’s entitled to his opinion – but I don’t have to listen to it. 😉 LOL

1 01 2011

Owl… I’d like to order a dozen of those yellow thread flies… they look awesome 😉

BTW… I got a nastygram the other day from “anonymous” on my page… I figure, if they dont’ have the balls to leave a name, they lose the right to leave a comment. Haven’t gotten a nasty e-mail yet… but the blog’s only been up a year or so. Hang in there…

2 01 2011

Well, Owl, had a somewhat similar attack over on my blog a year or so ago. I had never communicated with this gentlemen before, and, his comments to me, about me, and my purpose in life were totally uncalled for. His comments were immediately deleted and led to a post by me that covered in “rant form” why this particular fellow will never comment on my blog again. I see, by the way, that he still comments regularly on a lot of other fly fishing related blogs I read. However, not on mine! I just figure folks like the one you speak of and the one I speak of must be considered a “special kind of stupid”! You own your blog, you control what is on it.

2 01 2011
Owl Jones

Mel, it is odd that people would just lash out for no reason. thank you for the reply. A “special kind of stupid!” I like that! 🙂

2 01 2011
Mike Adams

Owl, just found your blog on OBN after I brought my bunch over with me from Up North Journal. I have had my share of nay sayers as well that took it to extreme levels of bashing, especially the anti’s. I tried to debate and keep them coming to my site to generate more hits on my blog but it got to the point that they got nasty with four letter words. I have kids that frequent my site and that was the final straw. I banned them and simply delete them now. You cannot debate these people and it is your site. Only allow what you are willing for other people to see. I did research one person like you did and found out their actuall address! I emailed them and told them to cease fire or I would send them some hunting magazines to their address! That was the last I heard of them! By the way I like what your posting, keep at it!

3 01 2011
Ken Gortowski

I’m jealous, all I get on my blog are invites to German, Russian and Chinese porn sites. At least that’s what I think the Chinese ones are. Who knows, really.
I need to try harder to get more to hate me. At least ones that know how to type.

3 01 2011
Owl Jones

I’ve got a great idea! I’ll just send all my hate-mail followers over to you! I mean, there is no way that your blog should miss out on this! Just don’t send me any of that chinese porn though. 😉 Visit the OwlJones.com Family of Fly Fishing Websites:

OwlJones.com – A Southeastern Fly Fishing Internet Hub! BlueRidgeTroutBums.com – Appalachian Fly Fishing Club! BRTB Forums – Southeastern Fly Fishing Forums! Appalachian Tenkara – Southeastern Tenkara Fishing Website! OMG It’s Fly Tying! – Cutting Edge Fly Tying Blog! ZugBug Outdoors! – Fly Fishing Videos in amazing HD!

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