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31 12 2010

I thought I’d take a minute to tell you about a milestone for FFSBR. Now, to understand why this is a milestone, you have to understand the local fly-fishing history of this guy named “Owl.” It’s a long, sordid story that I won’t make you sit through, but I think I can sum it up pretty well for you in a one or two sentences:

I’ve been banned from at least 1/2 of the fly fishing and/or trout fishing forums in the Southeast, because I don’t walk the politically correct line. Each time I was forced to hold my ground and thus be banned for it – my reputation suffered at the hands of those who banned me, not because I’m really that bad of a guy; but because I have the very unfortunate and regrettable ability to make people so very, very angry.

So, that milestone I was telling you about? I was checking the stats for FFSBR today, just poking around to see who had come from where and that sort of thing. I noticed that there was an incoming hit from a blog that sounded familiar, but I wasn’t sure if I’d just seen a link somewhere to it or if I’d actually read it before. Turns out I’d read it, possibly made a comment (although I couldn’t find it anywhere with just a cursory look) and remembered thinking that I should favorite that thing or follow it. As happens so many times, I guess my brain and fingers and mouse were all moving faster than they needed to and somehow it must have gotten lost in the shuffle of all the new blogs I’m trying to keep up with. Oh sorry, about that milestone….

Well, you see…this just happens to be the first local blog that has linked to FFSBR without me linking to them first, or making several comments, etc. I still haven’t made the blog-roll over at Trout Underground, but making the very short blog-roll over at the Fine Water blog is no small potatoes! I’m honestly not sure if these guys have ever heard of me or not. Maybe they have. Maybe they haven’t. But one thing’s for sure – I’m glad to be finding some small amount of admiration at home, after more than a few years of having my once good name dragged through the mud. Drug through the mud? Ah, who cares?! The folks at the *Fine Water* blog have put me on their blog-roll and I’m very, very grateful for it. Apparently, the blog there is run by three guys who love to fish and have a great sense of humor – my kinda guys! Two of the three are casting instructors with impressive resumes. That third is probably just a trout bum, according to his profile on blogger. 😉 But hey, a trout bum is ok with me too! Absolutely ok with me!

So anyway, to you folks out there who haven’t been a part of my online fly fishing past, it may seem like it’s no big deal – but I assure you it is. At least to me. It’s been my goal since starting FFSBR to do a few things, one of which goes against my nature and is purely selfish( although that sounds a bit “toot my own hornish” doesn’t it?), and that is to try and reinsert myself into as many fly-fishing circles as I can. There are two reasons for that desire…

First, because right now in my life I need it. After a horrible 2010, and almost two years of being pretty much out of fly-fishing (and definitely out of fly fishing circles, save my *small forum*) two lay-offs from two different companies in as many years….I need fly-fishing. I need it bad. And it has once again begun to comfort me like no other activity ever has, save maybe football which is my very first recreational love.

And secondish, I’m rowing a boat here. It’s a small boat and it may be rowing out to sea to be beaten to death. I don’t know…I just know that I’m rowing it and I can’t stop. And the boat has a name. The name is ” Identity” and I’m learning to accept that no matter what I do or what happens to me, fishing is a big part of who I am and what I have become. As I said in another post somewhere my mother has, somewhere in a shoe box full of photos, a picture of little Owl. He’s holding a stringer. On the stringer is a laregemouth bass. He’s wearing a diaper.

Then, there’s the story that has been told to me (and countless others) about the day my parents first spent the day with me. I’m adopted, you see and they were allowed to spend a day with me in a hotel room the day before the court allowed them to adopt me. The story is that my father, who was himself a fisherman, took me in his arms and asked ” Are you ready to go fishing, boy?”

Reports are that I, barely two months old at the time, giggled at the proposition.

So, I row this boat, without the wind of a real job in my sails toward who knows what. And this recognition by another local blog, which to some might seem a minor event has put a few more knots of speed behind it. At least one. Probably two. Can you feel it? 😉

Thank you *Fine Water* guys. Like fly fishing itself, your kind inclusion of FFSBR on the ‘roll is a much needed boost to the journey.


PS – If you’re wondering what’s up with the links, I’m afraid I don’t know myself. This particular theme defaults them to gray, which IMHO doesn’t make them stand out enough. However, trying to change them to blue only works on some links, some of the time. So, you’ll just have to forgive that oddity until I can get it worked out. 🙂




11 responses

31 12 2010
Howard (cofisher)

My friend Owl, all I know is this; OBN and the blogosphere would be a boring place without you! That being said, don’t go digging up that photo of you in a diaper, please?

From your #1 fan in Colorado

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Thank you Howard….or should I say “Dad?” 🙂 LOL

I’ve got to get out there this year and fish with some of you CO bloggers. I could probably take care of about 3 or 4 of my “resolutions” right there….

31 12 2010
The River Damsel

Ok…it’s a plan. I think that my flyrod can reach to CO too!!! Haha. Keep rowing…your boat will come to shore very soon. It will all work out.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Thanks Sprite Queen. I hope so. Well, back to the oars! 🙂

31 12 2010
Ken Gortowski

I run a forum, have for years, which is why I’m having a tough time keeping up on a blog. I’m used to my forum. Wear your bans from forums proudly. Many in the Chicago area I am no longer welcome to visit. Try this, get banned from a statewide fishing/conservation organization for, HORRORS, giving away your fishing spots. IN PUBLIC.
I’ve been known to put circles on maps of my spots then post them. Funny thing is, after doing this for almost 12 years, plus guiding, plus river fishing classes, plus speaking engagements to fishing clubs, I still never see anyone fishing my spots.
Go figure.
I too am job deficient. This stuff does keep you from going insane. Well, kind of.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

I don’t mind talking about big rivers or well-known water, but you’ll never find me mentioning “Death Prong” online by it’s real name. Of course, I also would never think of telling anyone else what they could or could not share with other anglers. I have no right to do so. Neither do “they” have that right toward you, Ken. But, you already knew that. Thanks for the comments!

1 01 2011

Shoot, Owl, you’re somewhat of a legend down here. Really enjoy reading your blog. Good stuff!

2 01 2011
Owl Jones

Hello Ty! Thanks for the comment and the compliment! I’m sometimes not sure if it’s somewhat of a “legend” or just an infamous fool. 😉 I appreciate you checking the blog out and adding it to your blogroll over there. we should wet a line together sometime.

5 01 2011

Yeah man, let’s go fishing soon. South Holston, maybe?

5 01 2011
Owl Jones

Alright, now this is a little too freaky. A friend of mine I’ve never met in person just came back from the Soho and said the fishing was great! Me, I can’t bring myself to pay for that high-dollar out-of-state license fee they imposed a few years back in TN. Buying the GA license and a NC year-round every year pretty much does it for me, license wise. Like I was askin’ my friend Jackwagon on http://www.brtbforums.com – could they move that thing over into NC, maybe? 😉

6 01 2011

I guess you could say that me and ol’ Jackwagon go way, way back. And yes the fishing was great. Still waking up in a cold sweat every night over that big brown I lost.

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