Yesterday, I almost destroyed the world.

30 12 2010

How? How, you ask?

Well, first I have to tell you that it wasn’t “the world.” I exaggerated on that just a little bit, just to keep with the theme of the event. It was however, the message board over at Tenkara USA. I got a rather condescending private message over there that said I had almost caused the forum to crash because of a post I made. That’s right, a post. You know, that thing on a forum where you put your thoughts to the keys and out comes a few sentences. Apparently, there was some internet-forum-server anomaly that I caused by written word that almost made the whole thing come crashing to the ground! It’s understandable that from time to time, forum members – like bloggers, are going to have their disagreements. I’m ok with that….however…..

….the really hard pill to swallow was that the PM came to me from a fellow blogger that I respect, although I do not know him very well. He said something to the effect of ” you’ve caused a forum that was very enjoyable to me” to nearly crash and burn. Excuse me, but I’ll have to pull out my very bestest Glenn Beck on that one and say ” really? Really? REALLY? ”

With all due respect to that blogger who shall remain unnamed, and to Daniel who runs Tenkara USA and to the other 13 folks that read that forum…… I don’t think so.

Look, to begin with – you can’t crash a forum on that system by typing what some consider to be offensive words into a post. It’s not a cotton gin you’ve just shoved cantaloupes into. You can pretty much post anything you want in those things….words, photos, Japanese animation….and nothing you post is going to cause the forum “to crash.” I know, because I run three forums right now and have run more than a dozen in the last 10 years. It just doesn’t work that way.

And secondly, if you’re going to threaten to ban me, you had better make sure I care. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. I found that forum. I saw it was almost abandoned by “good forum” standards. I tried to inject a little life into it over the last month – and what do I get for my trouble? Well, for starters an accusation that I was somehow offending someone by asking (are you ready for this? don’t have food in your mouth, ok? ) …by asking what the proper pronunciation of “tenkara” was in English! Yes, really.

Then, someone asked “are we really having this conversation?” and I said “sure. why not?” They said they were leaving before the thread offended all of the peoples in the countries of Brazil and Japan. ( NO, I am not making this up!) I said “huh?” and then something very close to “if I am trying to offend you, you’ll know it!”

( FYI – I can cut to the bone, make people crazy-angry and hit right where it hurts, if I so choose. It’s not a gift, it’s a curse – but on very rare occasions, if I’m really ticked off – I’ll do it. And…like I said…you’ll know it.)

So, this morning I find a private message in my inbox from the aforementioned respected blogger, who proceeds to inform me that A. My post almost crashed the forum website, and B. he sure would hate it if I got banned.

The irony in all of this ( and it’s me, owl – so you knew I’d find the irony in it, right?) is that on a forum so sterile and bland as that one, one little post causes an outbreak of drama the likes of which none of them have ever seen before, apparently. By most internet forum standards, it wasn’t even a mild argument – but for whatever reason, at Tenkara USA it apparently just about caused a system wide melt-down!

So, I tell you what….if you’ve got that thin of a skin, go ahead an ban your most active user in the last 30 days. I was thinking you guys over there needed a little pep, a little activity, a little decent conversation, a little humor. Apparently, you’re happy with much, much less than that. If I’m banned, it won’t be the first time.

(Actually, the tally would then be 4…or maybe 5 internet fishing sites I’ve been banned from…..and the stuff I post on this blog is the same kinda of stuff that got me banned. It’s called “refusing to be politically correct” and I wish more people would resolve to join me in it. Who really believes everyone, everywhere is a saint? Are you?


Me neither.

I make forums crash with mere words! Booga-booga-booga!

Sleepily yours,





12 responses

30 12 2010

I’m just giggling. Welcome to our tenkara cult. Wear the black sweatsuit and Nikes or get out.

30 12 2010
Owl Jones

I’m glad I’m not the only one. As for the story, it’s either changed or I didn’t read it right the first time. Apparently a comment similar to mine actually obliterated a forum somewhere, sometime…but he wasn’t talking about my comment. I can only imagine that the obliteration story was the reason for locking the thread. There really wasn’t a reason needed though….I cut my teeth ( and practically helped build) the trout fishing blog NGTO here in GA where, at times, they lock threads faster than the OP can hit “submit.”
If there is just the faintest whiff of controversy or argument – WHAMMO! It’s locked up tight. Oh well, I’ve got black sweats and Nike’s did you say? to buy….
later T-man.

30 12 2010

They think that highly of the word? Seriously?

30 12 2010
Howard (cofisher)

Saint Howard here: So, did you ever find out what Tenkara means in English? I’m afraid to google it for fear I’ve bring down the internet. Have you ever noticed that your wife follows behind you apologizing to people you have just talked to? Just curious.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Cofisher, if I have noticed that ( my wife apologizing for me ahead of time) what does that mean? 😉

31 12 2010

Owl, I noticed recently that after I have left a conversation with someone, my wife slyly walks up to the person and apologizes for anything I might have said to upset them. Things like asking a fat lady if she’s pregnant again or asking a guy where is wife is and then finding out she ran off with the milkman.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

NO! NOOOOoo! I think our wives must have been separated at birth! I’m going to tell her tonight that she can’t do that to me anymore! You should tell yours too! We can sleep in my truck. 😉

30 12 2010
Quill Gordon

Aw, gee-whiz. For a while there I was feeling almost bad about poking fun at Tenkara.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

How can you feel bad with all that nice, winter weather you’re having? 😉 Some of those folks over there at Tenkara USA are apparently so enthralled with the method, that it really does seem a little like a cult. I think it’s just another tool. Like a hammer, or a G27. Just something to get the job done.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Law Dog,

Obscure comment poster, helping me prove my point from the previous post.

My growing fly fishing empire kinda tickin’ you off, Law Dog? You go to all the trouble to sign in just to harass me on my own blog? Stay classy, there bub….stay classy. ( Rest assured it will be your only comment that ever sees the light of day.)

You see, followers and friends….this is how it goes. You either love me or hate me. Fortunately, it seems that my “ruining” the internet as Law Dog puts it, is garnering me alot more new friends than enemies. But that never stops the ignorant from spurting off without knowing what they’re talking about. Who was it that said ” It’s better to let everyone think you are an idiot, than to open your mouth and prove it.” I can tell you who it wasn’t….

31 12 2010

Hey Owl! Just joined your blog. Promised I would be in touch. Yikes! Was that somebody the same person that kept sending you passive-aggressive PM’s at T-USA?

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Hiya! Nope. Not the same person. Thanks for the comment and for checking it out! 🙂

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