It’s 5:36 am and yes…

30 12 2010

…I have been up all night again.

I try to go to sleep like a normal human being, I really do. Tried at 11:33 pm but got up after 45 minutes of lying there staring at the darkness. Tied a few dozen flies – elk hair caddis mostly, but a few eggs too. Went back to sleep (ha!) at 2:35. No good….after almost an hour I got back up. Tied some more flies. Got on the computer. Worked on blogs. Created new blog ( I think that’s 5 in one day, now.) Checked out OBN to see if my links were adjusted. (They aren’t.) Tried to find where I’d asked Rebecca about them on Facebook. ( I could not.) Strolled into the Dashboard here to make this post. It’s 5:39 now and I’m feeling a little sleepy – but if I go to bed now, I’ll sleep most of the day and then be up again tonight! Maybe I’ll set an alarm and move the alarm clock as far away as possible. Just a few hours of sleep this morning, then some OTC sleeping pills tonight to make sure I go to sleep – or a couple of Benadryl, which make me sleepy but don’t improve my spelling much.

I think stress makes me stay awake more than I should, although when I’m awake like this – all night – it’s not the stressful things that I’m thinking about, so I dunno. Maybe my wife is right. She swears that I come from another planet – a planet called “The Planet Slow” where the days are 23.8 hours long. If I’m an alien from outer-space that might explain alot.

  • Why I like strawberry sauce on my mashed potatoes.
  • Why I “don’t know where my toes are” and constantly bash them on the furniture.
  • Why I sleep less than ideally most of the year.
  • Why I can never remember a place being as far away as it is….like the length of hikes to good trout water…
  • Why I wonder about things like: Why is Florida always pointing down on every map and globe ever made?
  • Why I seem to like my pizza cold. And my Chinese food. And most leftovers.
  • Why I can’t get a job. ( You say alien here, and forget about it! )
  • Why I can calculate the exact distance, speed, force and trajectory needed to land a #22 BWO in front of a trout feeding 30 feet away in a braided current, freestone stream – but can’t assemble anything with more than three screws.
  • Why I like to bake. ( Seriously. What is up with that?)
  • Why I frequently use the words ” Mother-Chicken!” like some people use …..well,  you can guess I’m sure…
  • Why I don’t have the brains big enough to say “NO!” when my friend asks me if I’d like to bushwhack into that high altitude stream we fished two years ago where I almost died. ( Only half joking on that one, folks.)
  • Why I am not afraid of spiders, snakes, bears or rabid beavers….but I’m terrified of a single bee. ( Have you ever heard a sonic boom from someone exiting a car in which a bee has just made an appearance?)
  • Why I refuse to go to a doctor unless something is falling off or turning purple and green.
  • Why I always put my rods back in their tubes, my reels in their cases and my vest in the closet – but can’t manage to get my socks in the hamper if I’m standing 3 inches from it.

You know, the sad part is……..

……………I could go on.

Random Picture time:


Mrs. Owl and I, September 12th, 2009 - Our orange buttons are from the gun rights group we belong to ( and say "Guns Save Lives"




6 responses

30 12 2010
The River Damsel

Booga Booga!!! OWL…Nocturnal, intelligent, and a little fuzzy on the edges…that would be you! Good to know that Mrs. Owl is safe on camping trips, since you aren’t afraid of bears!! I’m sure that she can take care of the bee for you…

30 12 2010
Howard (cofisher)

Oh man Owl, posting your list of “shortcomings” is kind of like…well, showing a photo of your “shortcomings.”

31 12 2010
Ken Gortowski

Quit drinking coffee after noon. Works for me.
Glad to see your site up and running again.
There is a theory about those of us that sleep only 5 hours a day. Active brain syndrome. We keep good company.

31 12 2010
Owl Jones

Thanks for the advice Ken. I’m pretty sure my issue is called “hyper-mania.” I have a mild case of it thankfully – but all the signs point to it.
btw – nice avatar pic? That you? 🙂

31 12 2010

After reading your list of “shortcomings”–and staring at two broken toes that are black and blue from being banged on the bedpost that’s been in the same place for two years–I think we might have been separated at birth…

Your brother in poorly assembled products,


31 12 2010
Owl Jones

ouch! It’s possible we were! 🙂

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