They’re heeeeeeeree….

29 12 2010

On the old Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge, I would occasionally tell you about sales I found while looking at things on the interwebz. About three weeks ago I told you about a deal at Cabela’s for some of their house brand (read: made in china) rods. Today, 4 of them showed up at my doorstep. I’d show you some pictures, but they are so pretty with their dark wood inserts and their olive/lime green blanks…I’m sure someone would accuse me of photoshopping the Cabela’s name onto a Sage. Well, I’m sure there will be photos at some point, when I feel like I can get over the ridicule of being accused of internet shenanigans! ( For the record, my spell-checker didn’t blink when I typed “shenanigans” and as a matter of fact I did say, quite out loud….” hmmpf?” )

For now, you’ll just have to dream about the four rods I’ve locked away and wish that you’d been smart enough to get some for yourself.

What am I going to do with four 7’6 4wt beautiful green fly rods, you ask? Well, one is going into my closet as a back-up rod, one is being sold to a friend for what I paid for it, and two are going to be donated to   PROJECT HEALING WATERS > or some other organization that can use them.
[Sidenote: I put the first sentence in italics, deselected it, but then hit the backspace key and POOF – the font changed! Note to self (and anyone else having this problem): Do not backspace a whole paragraph. ] OK, I just put the cursor at the beginning of this paragraph and hit backspace and BINGO – it did it again.  If I hit it one more time it will probably disappear. ]

So, I mean….you can’t be too mad at me, right? 😉




4 responses

30 12 2010
The River Damsel

Yeah, I think that I will pretend that my new stick (that will hopefully be delivered tomorrow) is a SAGE!!! We are getting pounded with the white fluffies tonight, so it might be delayed…

30 12 2010
Owl Jones

Ahhhh, what’s a little snow to the Queen of the River Sprites!? 😉

My review is that they are absolutely worth every penny of that $24.95 we paid for them. I even think they’d be worth the $100 price, for that matter. Of course, I haven’t cast it yet, but I may try to give it a few casts in the back yard tomorrow….and hopefully I can give it a nice work out on the river next week. I’ve got a tenkara rod to try out too, so I don’t know which one will see the most playin’ time. One of ’em will have to sit on the bench. Note to self: create potion that makes two more arms so you can fish 4 rods at once. Note to self: then have them change GA law so you can fish with more than one rod at a time for trout. ( fat chance!)

30 12 2010

I knew from the moment I saw this offer I’d kick myself at some point for not picking one up. Guess that time is now.

30 12 2010
Owl Jones

Hmmm…I dunno. Wait until I cast it and see. You may not have to kick yourself. ( By the way you can still get one, but they upped the price to $50 now and shoved them to the bottom of the page.) They also have a 13 foot 8 weight….for those small, mountain rivulets. 😉

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