The Definitive List of Changes

29 12 2010

In this installment of the ever popular series ” Owl Changes Stuff Around and Hopefully For the Better” we’re going to cover all the recent changes made to my fly fishing empire. heh.

  1. “Fly Fishing the Southern Blue Ridge” is now located, well…
  2. “OMG It’s Fly Tying!” is now here: OMG It’s Fly Tying! (new location)
  3. “Appalachian Tenkara” is now here: Appalachian Tenkara (new location)
  4. Appalachian Tenkara” the website is still here: Appalachian Tenkara (website)
  5. Yesterday’s underwear has been replaced with new, freshly washed underwear.
  6. And finally, the blogroll is starting to be compiled once again, however slowly.
  7. What was formerly “Braided Currents“, which was formerly my personal website has been reverted back to a personal website of sorts and  – not to sound too smug about it – turned into the “hub” of all things Owl. Right now, there are links to four other fly fishing websites I own and run, and soon there will be more content on that site itself. Like, by tonight. The address for that, in case you get bored to the point of near suicide, is, naturally.

So, for now – there you have it. I’m going to leave forwarding posts on the other blogs today and I’ll be switched over permanently to the new locations. Also, for anyone who cares, I have a new email where I can be reached almost 24/7:

And, as you almost always find in my posts, you get a free photo of something irrelevant:


Summertime fun!




9 responses

29 12 2010

Looks like all is well in the world again. Or at least Georgia.

Guess I’ve got some more blogroll stuff to update…hope you’re able to import all of the old content into these new blogs, especially over at OMG!

29 12 2010
Owl Jones

I might be able to do that, but I don’t know how right now. Still checking out all the buttons and knobs on this wordpress thing. It really is a neat interface once you get used to it. And it lists all my blogs in a drop down menu that you can access anytime. Also, I can reply to comments right from the “approval” screen, and even edit my reply after posting from the same page! The only downside is that it seems like you can’t embed video without paying them a yearly fee of over $5o – so the ZugBug site will be links only for now or until I find a way to embed video into it. Of course, for that to happen I have to get out and make some videos. I’m probably biting off more than I can chew! OH, and btw – whether we get it worked out or not with OBN, I’m going to host a get-together here in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in April or May when the hatches are the most prolific. I’m going to invite all the bloggers from OBN and all my new fishing buddies who blog anything, anywhere. If you can somehow make the trip down, I’d be glad to meet you in person! ( Of course, I’d also like an excuse to come to PA again! So, if you’re still up for trying to get together some sort of OBN thing, let’s do it! )

29 12 2010

Hey man… just read this post… I’ve been toying with the idea of putting together a “blogger tour” in southwest Montana this summer as part of my “day job.” I work for Trout Unlimited’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project, and part of my job is outreach. I think the blogosphere offers up some real potential for us to get the word out on our conservation efforts.

I’ll keep you posted … and I’m glad to know I’m not the only one thinking of trying to get bloggers together.

Chris Hunt

29 12 2010

I’ll email you tonight about the WP import function.

29 12 2010

So I return from Christmas vacation to find you’ve had enough with blogger and domains and so on. Now you’re trying again….glad to have you back from URL purgatory.

Well my reader and roll is updated, at least until you screw it all up again.

29 12 2010
Owl Jones

Thanks Clif….I think. 😉 I’m actually not planning on screwing it up again. Well, of course…I didn’t plan on screwing it up in the first place either.
I’ll get you added back to the blogroll ASAP, too. Thanks for stopping by! Tell yur friends! 😉

30 12 2010


29 12 2010
The River Damsel

Honestly, these are all important, of course they are…butttt, the only one with true significance is #5! I’m just sorry that this is a “recent change”!!! : )

29 12 2010

Good grief, dude… looks like you’ve been to Internet Hell and back again trying to move to your new cyberhome. You’re way more sophisticated at this than I am–I just bought my first URL and dropped the “.blogspot” from my title, and I thought that was hard! Glad you’re getting it all sorted out, and now that I know where to find you, I’ll be a regular (again). Happy New Year!


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