No font too small, no type too bold…

29 12 2010

This is just a little post that I think I’ll delete once it’s posted. I’m trying to troubleshoot the font size issue. WordPress has an amazingly strange system for font size selection. Unlike almost every other website creator I’ve used (and I’ve used my share, let me tell you…weebly, yahoo, some others I can’t remember…) this thing doesn’t have the size selection that most of them do. It’s got a drop-down box for the font, but it lists the size as paragraph, header 1, header 2, etc. And switching to one of them mid-post is a huge no-no apparently because then all sorts of whacky stuff starts happening. And in that last post I made, things went whacky for no reason at all. I felt like that kid in that Indiana Jones movie who “didn’t touch anyting, Indy!”

Butterfly on a flower

Spring. It's closer than you think.

Naturally, since I’m paying more attention to what, or rather how I’m typing this time – nothing is going to happen. Maybe I should close my eyes and see where that leads. Or maybe not. I’d probably just fall asleep and the rest of the post would look like hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

I probably just “broke” something there, didn’t I? Oh well. Perfection is overrated anyway. At least I’ve got Google Chrome to keep my spelling in check. btw – if you haven’t tried Google Chrome, it’s probably the best thing to ever come out of Google Labs. Plus, when Google takes over the entire world, I’ll already be used to the Official State Browser.

And what I wouldn’t do for a “Publish” button underneath this post entry box. WordPress, oh wonderful WordPress….why ya gotta be so different? Then again, different is good sometimes.

Alright, I’m starting to talk to myself now, and none of it is about fishing or hiking or camping. Time to cut myself off and end this test post. Where nothing unusual happened. Except that nothing unusual happened. You’re cutting us off? Why? Shut up. We need to tie some flies. We did that yesterday. Hello? Remember? Yeah, I remember but we didn’t tie any caddis. So? It’s freaking winter? Well, it won’t be forever. Oh and like when did you decide to get all proactive and stuff? When it comes to caddis…you know we never have enough of them by April. So we’ll tie some more then – let’s play Bioshock 2 for a little bit. How about you just shut up and we tie some caddis. Good luck with that, I’m not moving. I’m ending this post. Whatever. You know only 4 people read this crappy blog anyway. Yeah, but they’re friends of mine so deal with it  – and we’re NOT playing games today. We’ve got too much to do.


two funny horses in field

My wife and I during the spring, when the caddis are hatching. Guess which one isn't me.






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