…with a little help from my friends…

28 12 2010

For those of you that happen to stumble in here and already use WordPress, I sure could use a little help with a couple of things…

First, how do I include a blog-roll in the sidebar? (I saw a widget that said “your blogroll” but there is nowhere to input blogs I’d like to include once I drag the widget over to the sidebar.)

Secondlyish, are there other widgets that I can somehow import to WordPress?

Lastlyfied,  is there a way to set comments to be moderated before they post up?


PS – How’s this font look? Small? Or is it just me?

Brook Trout Fever

Thanks – and btw – Happy New Year to all!




5 responses

28 12 2010
Howard (cofisher)

Owlman, the font looks a little small for these old eyes and could be a bit darker. Remember we are all with you through these trying times.

28 12 2010
Owl Jones

Thanks Cofisher! I’ve switched themes again and I think this one is better for middle-aged eyes – so that should be ok with just about everyone else, too. 🙂 Thank you for the quick feedback!

28 12 2010
Quill Gordon

Yes, you can add a blogroll to your sidebar and you can set comments for moderation. Go down the left-hand column of your dashboard to Settings and click on “Discussion”. That will open up a page of options for moderation, notifications, etc. Be sure to click the save changes button at the bottom when you’re done.

Be sure to search the forums and support pages for other tips, tricks and advice, including how to set up a blogroll. Let me know if I can help.

It’s good to see you back up and running!

28 12 2010
Owl Jones

Thanks Quill! I think I figured most of it out while you were sleepin!
Is that really a photo of you sporting that orange cap!? You look more mountain man than I do when I get lazy and don’t shave for a month! ( That’s a compliment, don’t ‘cha know!? 🙂 )

28 12 2010
Quill Gordon

I think you do a lot of things while others are sleeping!

That’s me with the orange hat. It’s a fashion statement. It says, “I am not a deer!” It also shines like a beacon in the snowy woods in case I need to be found, rescued or recovered. As for the shaving thing, the winter beard offers warmth and a handy place to hang globs of ice, frozen boogers, etc. Comes off in the spring but I keep the moustache, a la Yosemite Sam. It also helps when scaring people from New Jersey off the property or out of my way at the IGA.

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