OBN Writing Prompt – Goals for 2011

28 12 2010

So OBN has issued another writing prompt and let me tell you, none too soon if you ask me. I mean, my posting has slowed down to a virtual crawl at only 6 or 7 posts a day! That said, I’m not even sure they’ll let me in the door over there after the great URL fiasco of 2010 on the week they featured my blog ( a week where for the most part said blog was unreachable due to Blogger ….what? eating it? maybe? )

Well anyway, here’s my dern list. I hope you people are happy, making me actually THINK! Geesh!

FFSBR’s 2011 Outdoor Resolutions Made for Breaking

  1. Fish with at least 3 bloggers from OBN that I’ve met online.
  2. Fish in a state I haven’t fished in before. (Trust me, that’s alot to choose from)
  3. Organize an OBN sanctioned and/or endorsed Group Get-Together with Troutrageous!
  4. Catch more trout than I did in 2010 – like I don’t know…maybe 30.
  5. Lose 20 pounds so I can fish longer, even if I do manage to find work in 2011. Lose 50 or more if I don’t. Should be easy.
  6. Catch a fish I’ve never caught before.
  7. Beat my personal best for native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout, which is – if I do say so myself – setting the bar pretty high. Two years ago I caught one pushing 13 inches.
  8. Fish more with friends.
  9. Fish alone less. (*See #8)
  10. If possible, appreciate the days I get to spent in the wild places even more than I already do.

Honorable mentions that are more fantasy than realistic would be:

* Getting an article published in a major magazine

* Having someone pay real money for one of my photographs of the great outdoors

* Finding a way to make money without landing a real job, doing something related to the outdoors.

So, there ya go….10 somewhat realistic goals for 2011 and a few that don’t have a snowballs chance in ….well, you know. Some may think it predictable, OBN  – but I think this prompt was just what the doctor ordered. Now, if he’ll just order something for my aching back and bum knee, we can get to work on that list!

PS – if anyone knows what makes WordPress “nut up” and suddenly change font sizes on it’s own, please let me know. ’bout to drive me bonkers.


(See what I mean?)




5 responses

28 12 2010
Owl Jones

I totally did not touch the font thing. small, HUGE, medium, small….

I guess WP isn’t perfect, either! Or, you know – it could be a case of ESO. 😉


28 12 2010
The River Damsel

Gee…what are you trying to do to my eyesight??? (Good thing I know where to put my name, etc…Seriously, if you don’t stop playing with your font… Ha! It’s a curse from blogspot for you cursing at them…

29 12 2010
Howard (cofisher)

Okay, I’ll be the dummy that asks, what is ESO? By the way, short drive.

29 12 2010
Quill Gordon

Nice list, Owl.

I thought you were using the tiny font to whisper and got startled when you started shouting all of a sudden. (Don’t know what makes it all wonky like that)

29 12 2010
Owl Jones


Even though you can always hit ctrl + up/down to increase/decrease the size – what a pain that is to have to do every time. And the font thing def. takes away from my content posting…once I get everything set on here, I’m going to promise myself that I’ll leave it alone and get to posting some worthwile stuff. I was going to say “again” but then thought better of it.

Hey Howard – it’s SO short, I just usually walk there. 😉 lol

ESO = Equipment Superior to Operator. 🙂

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