A Tenkara Tomorrow

28 12 2010

Well, although I’ve been too wrapped up in this blogger-mess to write about it, I did actually finally get my tenkara rod this weekend. I should have known better than to order something the week before Christmas! But, it all turned out OK and tomorrow…..Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise…..I’ll be standing in a river waving nothing but a stick. And some line. And I guess a fly if I really must.

I’m looking forward to comparing my tenkara Iwana 11ft rod with an Orvis braided 9 ft leader and tippet section tied to the end of a western style rod. I’m not sure the western fly rod will cast just the leader – never tried it. I’m sure someone already has and it probably casts like a three pound wet lo-mein noodle. Or is it lo-mien? Ah, who knows. Anyway, I’d like to also test it with the level line vs. the braided one and I’d like to test out the Orvis braided (floating) line on the tenkara rod, too.

Notice I said I’d “like” to do those things. I have every suspicion that I’ll be so engrossed in the actual fishing that none of that will get much play. I’ll probably tie on the braided line and two or three feet of 6X tippet, a tenkara wet fly thingy and start flailing away! And I’m going to get some of it on video too. So be prepared folks….It will probably be most entertaining. And if I don’t think it’s entertaining enough – I’ll just add in some clips from the inevitable “out run the bear” practice we’re going to have.

What you’re looking for is at the 1:53 mark…just a guess…


Beat Cabin Fever in 10 Easy Steps from Owl Jones on Vimeo.

[ Just a little note: As has happened so very many times this fall and winter, my trip has been postponed. 😦 ] Also, on another happy note, I think my unemployment insurance may have run out, without so much as a warning peep from the Georgia Department of Labor. That sounds like bad news, but if it truly has run it’s course it means that I can now go take a meaningless minimum wage job working 36 hours a week until we lose everything we’ve worked so hard for all these years. Horray. Honestly, I’m ready to get it all over with. Whatever is going to happen….happen already. I’m sick of it all. – – – Sorry, I didn’t mean to start a raving, ranting 3 page addendum railing against the current economic conditions. I could. I just didn’t mean to…]




4 responses

28 12 2010

Did you get my email, the one I wasn’t supposed to send until after the New Year?
Ya, I never listen to directions.
I’ll save the hand smack until later ~

28 12 2010
Owl Jones

Uh oh! I didn’t get any email from you! I assumed you were doing as directed and taking a well deserved “vacation from Owl.” I’ll check my spam folders but I’m guessing by now it’s too late?! PS – Did I mention that I messed up my blogger sites so well that I can’t even see the old blog anymore – or read emails sent to owl@owljones.com? I did it good, I tells ya. Real good. 😦

28 12 2010
Howard (cofisher)

Okay Owl, you post a video of you fishing the Tenkara and I’ll make sure that everyone who watches it empties their bladders first.

28 12 2010
Owl Jones

Will do Howard…but I’m afraid to say that it isn’t looking good for tomorrow after all. I don’t really mean to post so many times saying ‘ I’m headed to the river!’ only to have to report I didn’t make it. I can assure you no one is as bummed about it as I am.

Maybe later in the week I can get away for an hour or so at the river near town for some rubber trout fishing of the highest grade! 😉 lol

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